Feat of evelina bledans

The feat of Evelyn Bledans of the child, to do, in order, at all, to be special, such as to make, socialize, Vujcic, who, abortion, baby, sick, will flee, ask, drop, sneaker, Belopaltista, decision

When opponents of abortions with foaming at the mouth prove their point, they seem to forget about a very difficult topic. What to do with children who are not born like everyone else, but with serious illnesses? What should the mother who heard from the doctor insist on making recommendations to get rid of the child? What to do when conscience says one thing, but common sense is completely different?
Naughty white coats will show celebrities with the same problems. They will recall the same Bledans, Lolita, Khakamada, Nika Vujcic. But modestly keep silent about the fact that the stars have very different possibilities, and Nick Vujcic had a whole family of infinitely patient relatives. But does an ordinary woman have the means and strength to not only give birth to a special child, but to socialize him, give him a life in which he can become happy? Is she ready for the daily ministry for the rest of her days to a child who is probably not developed enough to appreciate it?
The stars are the stars to have spacious houses, a nanny and a housekeeper, as well as a safety cushion in the form of material savings.And yes, to grow and socialize an especial child, being Khakamada, is a completely different thing than doing the same thing by trading vegetables on the market.
Who should make a decision here? Belopaltists, who, ask them to adopt a sick baby, run away, dropping sneakers? The father of a child who, in 90% of cases, also escapes (this is just an observation from life, which has nothing to do with hatefulness)? Only mother. After all, it is she who has this chance of 1% for something ... that Vujcic will grow up happy and happy with life. Perhaps she will decide that this chance is worth it?
But advisers to “give birth and give up for state upbringing” should be put to sick children in orphanages for a month. For better orientation in the material, so to speak.

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