Films about Catherine the Great: a list of the best

Empress Catherine the Great repeatedly came to life on the screens. The role of the all-Russian autocrat performed at the timeCatherineZeta johns, Natalia Gundareva, Marina Vlady. We offer you a list of movies aboutCatherine the Great!

"The dissolute empress"

One of the first work on the image of Catherine II began a director from HollywoodJoseph vonSternberg. "The dissolute empress", published in the United States in 1934, does not claim to be a documentary film that absolutely reliably tells all the facts about the biography of the empress. This film about Catherine the Great is distinguished by a very free interpretation. According to the plot of this pseudo-historical film, Count Alexei Razumovsky brings German to Russiaprincess sophia which, adopting Orthodoxy, becomes Catherine. SoldaphonePeter Catherinedeeply unpleasant, she seeks consolation in the arms of Alexei. The role of the great woman in this film was performed by one of the most prominent actresses of the 20th century, a brilliant woman and the recognized sex symbol Marlene Dietrich.

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"Catherine the Great" (1968)

Often, the empress was shown in an ugly light, and sometimes even made fun of. No exception was the director GordonFlemingwho produced in 1968 a film about Empress Catherine, who is called Catherine the Great. This tape is based on a humorous play by Bernard Shaw. The main feature of this writer was a description of historical figures with sarcasm and irony. Despite the fact that Catherine in this film adaptation is presented not from the best side, the Irish classic has endowed her with a great sense of humor. According to the plot of the film, Catherine, whose role was played by the Frenchwoman Jeanne, has affection for Charles.Edgeston- to the British officer who came to Russia. Realizing that the Empress laid eyes on him, Charles carefully avoids meeting with Catherine.

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"Captain's daughter"

One of the best Russian films about Catherine the Great is “The Captain's Daughter” by Pavel Reznikov. He came out in 1978. The luminary of Russian literature, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, created in his story a “homemade” image of an autocrat, and Natalya Gundareva brought it to life. The film takes place immediately after the defeat.Pugachevskyriot PetrushaGrineva, whose role is played by Alexander Abdulov, arrested for treason, but desperate Masha is ready for much to save the groom. What is this movie about? Critics say he is able to explain why the empress in a womannot capablefor forgiveness, but the woman in the empress not only knows how to forgive, but also does it.

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"Royal Hunt"

A special place in the list of films about Catherine the Great, made in our country, is taken by Tsarskaya Ohota by Vitaly Melnikov. The film was released in 1990. By the way, it is this incarnation of the Empress of Russia on the screen that is recognized as one of the brightest, and Svetlana Kryuchkova is called the most psychologically authentic Catherine II. The basis of the plot of the film is a play by Leonid Zorin, telling about the illegitimate daughter of Elizaveta Petrovna - the princessTarakanova. It is worth noting that in this film there is not a single positive hero. All characters are deceitful, hypocritical and incredible.cruelty.

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"Young Catherine"

In 1991, Hollywood actress Julia starred in the main role of the film about CatherineOrmond. The director Michael Anderson has an entertaining tape that does not differ in authenticity. Events unfold in the German principality, on the calendar - 1744 year.Here, viewers have the opportunity to meet a young princess. Interestingly, this film was twice nominated for the prestigious award "" not only for the great acting, but also for incredible costumes. It should be said that the music for “Young Catherine” was written by Russian composer Isaac Schwartz.

“Vivat, midshipmen!”, “Midshipmen III”

In 1991, the inhabitants of our country were truly shocked to see the famous singer Christina on the screen.Orbakaytein the role of the princess - the future Russian empress. The choice of director Svetlana Druzhinina seemed incomprehensible to many, because even outwardly these two womentotally differentEach other. Catherine is a short brunette, Christina is a tall blonde. However, this did not stopOrbakaytejust amazing to get used to the image of the empress participating in spy games.

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"Dreams of Russia"

What is a film directorJunya? This is a great picture based on real events. It is worth noting that this film is about Catherine of the joint production of Russia and Japan. According to the plot, a Japanese ship caught in a storm nails to the shores of Russia.For nine years, sailors are forced to roam the vast country. Already having lost hope of returning to their homeland, they fall for an audience with the empress ... By the way, the role of autocrat was played by a no less great woman, Marina Vlady.

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"Catherine the Great" (1995)

Totally unsuccessfulcritics have called the attempt to performthe role of the Russian empress britishstarsCatherineZeta johns. The 1995 film appeared to both viewers and film critics far from the truth. Neither Catherine nor the other actors who starred in the film had anything to do with real historical figures. However, there were also those to whom the film seemed beautiful - mainly due to the presence of high-quality erotic scenes.

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"Catherine the Great" (2014)

But the Russian film about Catherine II, filmed in 2014, is notable for its authenticity and great acting. The main starred JuliaSnigir. What is this tape about? On the formation of the personality of Catherinebeginning withthe moment of her arrival in Russia and up to the ascension to the throne, about palace intrigues, the struggle for power, conspiracies and dramas.


One of the last successful works can be considered a series about the autocrat, filmed by Alexander Baranov and RamilSabitov. The success of the project confirms the prestigious award. In addition, for the entire broadcast period, this saga did not descend below the first line of television rating.

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The series introduces the audience to the life of Princess Sofia before she arrives in Russia and becomes the empress. The spectators say: “Ekaterina” was given a special entertainment by the most authentic costumes of that era, hairstyles, household items.

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