Films on Ustinova: a list of recent films

Detective - a genre that attracts many people who love to solve riddles. Viewers who belong to them should definitely pay attention to the series and films on Ustinova, the list of which is presented in this article. In total, about 40 works of the famous writer, whose novels are read in one breath, were filmed.

New films on Ustinova: list

So, it is worth starting, of course, with new products. What to watch new films on Ustinova (2016)? The list below will help in the selection.

  • "Well of forgotten desires."
  • "Eternal date."
  • "Dangerous holidays."
  • "Ecumenical Conspiracy".
  • "Ghost district theater."
  • "From the first to the last word."

Fascinating story, vivid characters, dynamism - the advantages enjoyed by all the above-mentioned films and mini-series.

"Well of forgotten desires"

What films on Ustinova, the list of which is contained above, to watch first of all? Finding the answer to this question will help familiarity with the plot of the paintings.“The Well of Forgotten Desires” is a story about the misadventures of a successful businessman who suddenly turns into a witness to a cruel murder.

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The hero cannot leave the crime unpunished, the victim of which is his old antiquary friend. The desire to get to the bottom of the truth forces him to start looking for the killer who escaped justice. It was then that a mysterious woman appeared on his life’s journey, a meeting with which was predetermined from above. This acquaintance turns the life of the truth-seeker upside down.

"Eternal date"

Other films on Ustinova deserve close attention. The list presented above contains the painting “Eternal Date”. The main character is an ordinary student Marusya, who decides to take a break from the bustle of the metropolis in the village house of her aunt Lydia. She does not enjoy being alone in a measured life, her friend Grisha is in company with her. Maroussia responds to a reciprocate fan, but does not dare to confess his feelings.

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Adventures buddies begin with the fact that they learn about the death of one of the villagers.One of the local hooligans, Valerik, who terrorized the whole village during his lifetime, became the victim of an unknown criminal. Friends who are attracted to all the mysterious, decide to calculate the killer on their own. Soon Marusya and Gregory appear first suspects, but not everyone likes their investigation.

"Ecumenical Conspiracy"

What else to watch new movies on Ustinova? The list above includes the Ecumenical Conspiracy tape. This detective provides viewers the opportunity to meet again with their favorite characters - Marusia and Gregory. This time, the students' adventures begin in the planetarium, where they accidentally witness the death of a person.

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Literally in the eyes of Marusya and Grisha, a ufologist who has a dubious reputation dies. Adventurous friends cannot help but undertake an independent investigation, but the search for a clue is delayed. It turns out that many people had a reason to wish for the death of the victim.

"Dangerous holidays"

Not only adult audiences are focused on exciting films based on Ustinova’s novels.The list that can be seen above contains the picture “Dangerous holidays”. This tape is interesting primarily because its main characters are children. Detective is designed for family viewing.

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The focus is on the adventures of an ordinary boy Serezha. The main character likes to spend the summer holidays in battles with computer monsters. Sergey’s usual routine changes as he and his mother and father leave for the Crimea. The child faces the mysteries of nature, acquires new friends and plunges into a maelstrom of dangerous adventures. Friends are waiting for the test, which not every adult can handle.

Pictures of 2015

In 2015, the audience court was also presented fascinating films based on the books of Ustinova. A list of all the paintings below.

  • "Uncut edges".
  • "One day, one night."
  • "From heaven to earth."
  • The Mark's Ark.
  • "Your works are wonderful, O Lord."

Which of them should definitely be seen by connoisseurs of detective genre? Description of the plot will help the audience to make the right choice.

"Mark's Ark"

A group of adventurers who have found each other on the Internet is sent to explore the Subpolar Urals.Soon the participants of the ski trip are faced with bad weather and lose their means of communication. To top it off, the manager is seriously injured. People risk getting lost and dying, but they manage to get to the cordon, which is not on the cards.

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A visit to the inhabitants of the mysterious place is delayed. Travelers begin to experience real fear when, under mysterious circumstances, a famous oligarch dies, who for some reason decided to visit the cordon. Suspicion of murder falls on each member of the group, so people are forced to launch an investigation, during which they learn a lot about each other.

"Your works are wonderful, O Lord"

This is not the end of interesting films based on the works of Ustinova. The list of tapes that fans of the detective genre might like will not be complete without the painting “Your works are wonderful, my God.” The focus of the audience is the history of the capital's resident Andrei Bogolyubov, who by fate takes the position of director of a museum located in a quiet provincial town.

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At first, Andrew rejoices at this appointment, since the forced relocation gives him time to sort out his confused personal life.However, it soon turns out that dark affairs are happening in a quiet town. Everything begins with the mysterious death of the former director, the witness of which becomes her successor. Bogolyubov realizes that mysterious things are happening in the museum entrusted to him, and he undertakes to bring the criminals to clear water. Only an ex-spouse who unexpectedly comes to his new home can prevent him from doing so.

The Adventures of Mani Polivanova

Periodic return to the heroes who have already managed to catch the fancy of readers are practiced by many writers. Ustinova Tatyana is no exception. The list of films featuring Manya Polivanova includes “Uncut Pages”, “One Day, One Night”, “From Heaven to Earth”.

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For starters, viewers should see the detective "From Heaven to Earth," since it was in this picture that Manya first appeared. The events of the film revolve around a mysterious crime committed within the walls of the successful publishing house Liana. The person who is found dead is not an employee of the company, all employees categorically deny familiarity with him. The murder is taken over by the writer Alex, who is asked directly by the head of the publishing house.Viewers will find out whether the young man will be able to save the company's reputation and resist the temptation prepared by fate itself.

What else to see

Of course, the above are still far from all the interesting stories that the writer Ustinova presented to the audience. Films listed below have also been released relatively recently.

  • "In one breath".
  • "Chronicle of the infamous times."
  • "Immediately after the creation of the world."
  • "The law of reverse magic."

“In the same breath” is a fascinating detective telling the story of a successful businessman Vladimir Razlogov and his wife Glafira. Once in the morning news reports about the death of an entrepreneur, claiming that his life took a heart attack. Glafira, a devoted wife, intends to get to the bottom of the truth, because she knows that the criminal is at large.

“Chronicles of Nefarious Times” - a story about the adventures of a successful businessman Cyril and his casual acquaintance Anastasia. The hero at first sight falls in love with the girl and agrees to help her in the search for the killer of her recently lost grandmother, postponing a long-planned trip to Dublin.The investigation decided that the old woman was the victim of an accident, accidentally dropping a hairdryer in the bath during water procedures. However, her granddaughter, Anastasia, does not doubt that everything was set up by a cunning criminal. Soon, Kirill gets an opportunity to make sure that she is right, since mysterious things are happening in the house of her grandmother. The only mystery for the self-taught detective is the motive that guided the ruthless killer.

These are the newest detective stories, the subjects of which were borrowed from the works of the writer Tatyana Ustinova.

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