First steps on the set (story of Yulia Sitnikova)

Once sitting in front of the TV, I saw a commercial model School “Elite - Model XXI Century”. Then my daughter was only 2.2 years old. And I I thought it would be great to make professional and quality Photo. After all, the child is growing, and those photos that I do myself, leave much to be desired the best. In Soviet times, it was a little easier in that sense, since there were government photo studios and probably there will be studio studios in every family Photo. And now, when our market of photographic equipment is flooded with cheap soap dishes, we all started to shoot themselves. But studio photos are much differ from amateur shots quality and production photos.

And so I began to take the first steps towards the realization of my idea. The only question that bothered me at that time was, portfolio (this is a set of professional photos) for a two-year-old baby. AT advertising agency was told that “the agency will help you in creating a portfolio, which is performed by a professional photographer of the highest category ". That's why we decided to trust a professional. Arriving at the agency Vika passed preliminary free photo tests and managers of the agency said that everything realistically, the girl is photokinic and you can try to make a portfolio. The agency, namely, the photographer, has a fairly decent experience with small photo models. We signed a contract, paid in advance the cost of the portfolio and posting it on the Web site and waited for the queue for shooting.

It has been more than two months of waiting.

And then came the day when they called us from the model agencies and invited to shootfirst wiki portfolio.

I want to say right away that this is a very troublesome, hard and very exciting, especially for mom. Baby was not particularly worried, so she was only 2.5 years old, and my mother's turmoil in my liking to her. And for me it was real exam. I needed to form at least 7 images for a child (styles). Four images were basic (mandatory): sporty, modern, evening, business woman, and others at the request of parents and all this for a two-year child !!!

The first steps on the set (the story of Julia Sitnikova) - image number 1A task was not easy. I pulled all the things that we only had onto the floor. Brought all her shoes, pins, hats ... raked all the toys into the pile (mostly soft), sports equipment, grandmother moved and her wardrobe (I was looking for interesting accessories). And she began to pick up images. It took me over 4 hours. When I packed all these things - we got 2 bags of things and a full bag toy. On the way to the studio, I was always tormented by doubts - is it worth it? After all, my daughter is so small, so fragile - and this is serious a test, a big load for such a kid. But the way she posed before camera lens, when I myself took it off, a little calmed and betrayed confidence that we will cope with this test! In the end, if she gets tired, or do not want to be removed - we can just leave (although in my heart I was sure that this will not happen).

First steps on the set (story of Yulia Sitnikova) - image №2AT the studios were met by two young people: Vlad (later we learned that this was a photographer) and Oksana (her function was to help me dress the child, make the child hairstyle, makeup). The studio was an ordinary 3-room apartment, where one room was reserved directly for shooting (there were a lot of equipment, various screens, umbrellas and other filming material.), in another room There was a creation of an image (there we changed clothes, did a hairdress), and the third room - it was a utility room. Vlad took us to the set. And from that moment, all attention was on Victoria. Vlad made his first attempts get in touch with the child. He was a professional in this business and they succeeded. find a common language. On a survey of unfamiliar surroundings Victoria took 30 minutes: it seemed that Vlad and I had known each other for a long time, and Oksana best vikina girlfriend. In general, everything is fine so far.

Vika was taken to another room and Oksana and I began to conjure over her images. Another 20 minutes and the baby was already standing in front of the flashlights. She was so relaxed, liberated - that Vlad only had time to click it. Played gentle slow music.Victoria was on top: she listened to little Vlad's clues, tried to execute them, but at the same time, the site was complete improvisation. On one image on the set took about 20-25 minutes, and 15-20 frames on film.

After three images, and with dressing up it took more than two hours, the baby is tired. And further on the interval refused to be removed, and even more so to dress dresses and suits. And despite the fact that she is a terrible fashionista and a hundred times a day can dress up in various costumes!

First steps on the set (story of Yulia Sitnikova) - image №3I was just confused - because the work was incomplete, and to make this portfolio still needed to be removed at least 3-4 images. We made a small break: we were given tea, and then Victoria was given complete freedom of action. And then began the study of all the things that came to her hands: different curlers, shiny balls, artificial flowers, pencils with an album, cosmetics, hairpins. Then we transferred all these things to the set and to the delight in turn. there was no limit to the child. And Vlad, without losing the moment, continued his work. is he crawled behind her on all fours, ran around the room, twirling behind him photographic equipment, then he lay down and wrung her faces waiting for her reaction. And everything was here: and tears, and whims, and laughter to the colic in the stomach. Victoria has a bad mood for a minute followed by a good one. On the set, she drew works of art, and did her hair and was in the role of an athlete jumping on the ball, and considered hairpins as if they were living butterflies.

Behind 5 hours of shooting !!! She survived, we shot 7 excellent images - and each of them was in its original, unusual and interesting. AND as a reward for her work (I think this is work, and very hard) - we gotunique frames.

The first steps on the set (the story of Julia Sitnikova) - image №4When we came home, the first question Vika asked me was: “Mom, and we Will we go to Uncle Vlad again? ”. Honestly, I did not expect such an issue, I thought, that she would never want to be photographed again. But it turned out all quite vice versa. She really turned out to be a born model or as said Vlad "a fashion model from a diaper!" By three and a half years we have replenished two more times our portfolio: a child grows, something new appears in her behavior, new costumes, a new form of expressing your emotions - and this is great! And all this wants professionally capture on film.And every time Vlad tells us how much it's interesting to watch these kids on the set, don't you know what to expect from them every minute, and they behave more relaxed, more naturally in front of cameras, than we are adults.

Photo for us is a small hobby and a great pride for your child. And it is quite possible that it will grow into something bigger, but I do not want to think about anything yet. Happiness and good luck to you my little daughter!

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