Fish eel: cooking and beneficial properties

Throughout the ages, people have been anxious about fish. In each country, culinary masters have developed their own unique dishes from this healthy product. A special relationship in many regions of the globe to eel delicacies. This is a rather rare guest in our rivers, so its cost is sometimes exorbitant. But in taste and healing properties, he can compete with many marine life. Snake fish eel is a predatory breed and constantly migrates from freshwater rivers to the seas.


eel fish

Little-informed people often confuse her with a snake, since she looks very similar to her. The body of an eel is elongated, the head is small, and the skin is slippery. Seeing a predator, you might think that his body is completely naked, but this is an illusion. After cleaning it from abundant mucus, you can notice the smallest scales.

The color range varies from dark green to bluish black. The abdomen is either light white or bluish.Fish eel can grow up to two meters in length. For throwing caviar it floats to the depth of the sea, after spawning the individual dies immediately. The female can sweep up to 500 thousand eggs.

Predatory fish eel: where it is found, its variety?

sea ​​eel fish

The first mention of this type appeared more than a hundred million years ago. At first, the habitat was recorded off the coast of Indonesia. Adults often move. For whatever reason, this is still not clear. But it is precisely known that eels like clayey bottom, in which they find food for themselves (crustaceans, worms, snails).

Young fishes first live in a fresh groundwater river, densely populated with vegetation. Buried in silt, they are protected from various predators. Adult eels can be seen in the reeds, under large stones and sedge thickets. These inhabitants prefer to get food for themselves at night, while for their own safety they change color.

Fish can be subdivided into river and sea, although such a classification is not entirely appropriate, since individuals constantly move from freshwater to saline water.

Brown-green shade has river eel.Fish with a small number of scales lives in the Azov, Black, White, Barents and Baltic seas. These predators are quite tenacious and are able to exist even without water and overcome considerable distances on wet grass. Do not be surprised if you meet "creeping" individuals in any reservoir. This fish will be different fat and high nutritional value.

eel river fish

Monochromatic black body was awarded eel. The fish is also practically without scales. Due to its inconspicuous color it is easy to disguise itself as dirt. Area of ​​residence - North Atlantic pools. Both predators feed on small fish, crayfish and larvae. Until now, experts can not fully explore the life of these subspecies due to their secrecy. They rarely appear on the surface of the water and are increasingly at great depths. This complicates observation and study.


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Fish is especially popular in Japan. In this country, they believe that the meat of these creatures perfectly tones and improves performance. Useful fish oil eel prevents heart disease. The pulp contains many proteins, fatty polyunsaturated and saturated acids, which contribute to the rejuvenation of cells and getting rid of nervous diseases.

In dietary food more appreciated conger eel.Fish, the useful properties of meat which is difficult to overestimate, is very nutritious. It contains potassium and iodine. And, as you know, these minerals help strengthen the heart muscle and protect our thyroid. Meat of sea eel has a low calorie content, which is very important in the dietary diet.

It contains a wide range of valuable vitamins (A, B, E, D) and protein. Regular use of this delicacy in any variation strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Showing dishes from it with gout, rheumatism, malaise, depression, CNS disease, atherosclerosis. Looking at the Japanese, who periodically eat fish and are distinguished by good health and high performance, you can see the healing properties of the meat of this predator.

Cooking Application

 eel fish useful properties

Fish eel is an expensive delicacy, it is served in the best restaurants in the world. And this is not surprising, because the meat of this subspecies is very tender, soft and extremely useful. And the flesh of the river dweller has a high fat content. Subject the carcass to quenching, smoking, frying, baking and boiling - in any interpretation it turns out to be great.

Savory and unforgettable taste is revealed in the preparation of first courses. Those who managed to try the soup or eel soup, say that the dish overshadows the taste of any other. Each country has its own original recipes. For example, in Lithuania, smoked eel is served with beer. Italy has become famous for grilled fish with green salad.

No matter how colorful the information was presented, the taste and aroma of eel cannot be described. Try it yourself to cook a delicacy, only when cutting be extremely careful. The blood of the eel is toxic, and if it gets into the wound, the inflammatory process can begin.

How To Cook Eel Fish: Recipes

Cold appetizer in the form of a salad. For its preparation you will need smoked eel fish (three hundred grams), potatoes (3 pcs.), Bulgarian pepper, three eggs, parsley, green onions, balsamic vinegar (dessert spoon), as much olive oil and spices to taste.

Cooking process

Boil eggs and potatoes, chop into small cubes or cut into thin circles. Pepper - straws. Fish fillet - slices. Put green leaves on the bottom of a flat plate, above - potatoes, eggs, pepper, eel, chopped parsley - sprinkle with vinegar and oil.

Exotic Soup

how to cook eel fish

Ingredients: eel carcass (600 grams), one carrot, frozen peas (half a cup), leeks and celery. You will also need two liters of pre-boiled chicken broth, one hundred grams of any dried fruit and fresh pear. Do not do without a spoonful of wine vinegar, black pepper, garlic salt and granulated sugar (five grams).

Cooking method

Pour boiled water dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes). In hot broth put grated carrots, sliced ​​celery and leek. Give a little brow and lay out the swollen fruit. Let the liquid boil for 7 minutes, and then add the eel, sliced ​​into portions, along with the sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Make a weak fire and boil for 15 minutes. While the soup is being cooked, let us take a pear — cut it into thin plates and pass on butter. Put in the broth the remaining components: peas, chopped parsley. Pour in portions and decorate with a slice of roasted pear.

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