Fitonyashki - what is this: the mainstream or a find for a psychologist?

What is it - fitons? Some believe: this is another trendy trend that has captured the minds of beautiful ladies, but fitness ladies believe that they are a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. And in some ways they are right: after all, whatever is the fashion trend or just another whim, and the desire to change yourself makes this world a better and more beautiful.

Effect of stereotypes

Not so long ago, girls with magnificent forms were considered the sex symbol and the ideal of beauty; their volumetric hips and large breasts attracted the views of the strongest half of humanity. A striking example of the owner of such an attractive figure was Bridget Bordeaux, as well as the beloved Marilyn Monroe.

A little later, the girls came into fashion with an expressionless, slim build: the figure of Kate Moss and the emaciated legs of Naomi Cambell attracted everyone’s attention. They were replaced by pumped-up tucked priests, thin waists and a relief body.fitons what it is

Now you will not surprise anyone with the ideal proportions of 90-60-90, modern girls tend to be more progressive in this matter. In pursuit of the beautiful and graceful figures, women around the world consider the main task to have curves like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. From here and formed a new fashionable trend.

Perhaps everyone has heard this word, but not everyone knows what it is - fitons?

What does this term mean?

The expression itself came from the merger of two words: fitness and nyashka - a sweet, pretty girl, that is an attractive sports lady who leads an active lifestyle, does various sports and watches nutrition.

Fitonyashki - this is the movement of girls who are actively involved in their appearance, especially the figure and its forms. Perhaps this was their main task and the meaning of life. They train according to specially designed programs for them, which allow them to quickly build up muscle mass, dry the necessary zones and give the body a beautiful relief. Mostly young ladies do not use male training schemes due to the peculiarities of the female body, but some fanatically minded girls neglect this rule.The result will be pronounced muscles and increased body weight, as can be seen by looking at the photo of the fiton.fitons photo

Price of popularity

In order to get the maximum desired result from exercise, phyto-ladies resort to strict food restrictions, total control of their diet: not only calories are counted, but also proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This is not considered a whim or whim, but an everyday norm, how to make up or a hairstyle. Yes, undoubtedly, protein is the best friend of these girls, who really believe that 80% of success in the hall depends on the correct ratio of BJU, which means that their forms and incredible popularity. Therefore, this kind of self-improvement develops discipline and incredible endurance.

Many followers of this trend know that fit-ups are such a combination of sport, glamor and competition, which is by no means for everyone.

Motivation or sense of slighted ego? What it is?

Fitonies should share their appetizing delights with the world by posting photos on social networks. Surely everyone has such a friend, friend or relative, who constantly demonstrates his body in the gym: with dumbbells or a barbell, in new bright leggings or top.Girls are not shy to take pictures, as well as shoot videos of their sport success in the gym, moreover: they try to do it more often, competing in the number of likes.Fitons photo motivation before and after

Be sure that in the arsenal of every self-respecting girl of this kind there must be a photo of the phytonies: before and after. Motivations of this kind serve for the rest of the women who want to have a beautiful body, the right compass. According to many psychologists, in this way girls increase their importance in the eyes of others, and therefore themselves. Behind all this is a hypertrophied sense of inferiority.

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