Flower Hairpin

A well-chosen hairpin can not only beautify your hairstyle, but also give your style a certain charm. Each girl can find a usual and absolutely not attractive hairpin. With quite a bit of effort, you can make a real designer jewelry from such a barrette. Make such a hairpin, and the admiring glances of your girlfriends will not keep you waiting.
For the manufacture of hairpins with a flower, we need:
• A small piece of cloth (best woolen)
• Needle
• A thread
• Beads (for the core of the flower)
• Plain barrette
• Glue
• Scissors
First of all, we cut out 2 pieces from the taken fabric in such a way that they are a little larger than the barrette itself.
we cut out from the taken fabric

Now fold one piece of cloth in half.
we fold one piece

Make a small cut in the upper part.
Make a small cut

Pull the back of the barrette into the carved hole. The hairpin should be in buttoned condition.
Slips in the back

On the front of the hair clip, attach the second piece of fabric and stitch it with the first. The hairpin at this moment should be inside. Make sure the stitches are at the minimum distance from the barrette.
we put the second piece of fabric

After we sewed both parts of the fabric, it is necessary to trim the fabric very carefully along the sewn contour. The main thing is not to hurt the thread, otherwise the product may fall apart.
cut the fabric along the stitched contour

Now proceed to create a flower. Cut a petal of fabric, as shown in the photo.
start creating a flower

For our flower, we need only 5 petals. We push the thread into the first petal, as shown in the photo, then thread the remaining petals with the same thread.
we pass the remaining petals

When you sell all the petals and tighten the thread, you will have such a flower here.
pass all the petals

Now you need to fix the flower. To do this, thread the stitches into the first and last stitch, and then knit everything together.
fasten a flower

And the last step: we glue the core to the flower (if you have a bead with holes, then just sew it), and sew, or just glue the flower on the hairclip.
Flower Hairpin

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