For the new 2018

“What does it mean to be a guy for the New 2018?” - I would like to be confused. To give shaving kits or shampoos, cups or underwear is no longer relevant. Interesting ideas will be discussed further.

What is a 2018 for a new guy: technology in the trend

Innovative technologies are actively used in the modern world. It is worth paying attention to them.

The power bank device is a sought-after item in everyday life. At the most inopportune moment. Always help out a portable charger.

Another practical gift are headphones. You can pick up wireless or compact intra-channel ones. These types of accessories are very comfortable to use.

If you want to watch your mouse There are many creative and convenient additions to the computer.Beard machine

Schoolboy can not without a schoolboy This device will help to save important documents, photos and music.

If you’re a shaving machine, you’ll be a shaving machine; In addition, you can buy oil for a beard.

For the new 2018

Every man wants sincere care. Therefore, it is good to present:

  1. It? S a scarf (or buff) and gloves -
  2. A shirt is a good solution for lovers of the classics. For the following holidays, bow tie, tie, etc.
  3. Your favorite football team,
  4. It will help you to feel the peace of mind.
  5. There is a special order for a personalized product.
  6. Thermal underwear is a piece of clothing, and it will always come in handy for your man.

Slippers with a bed of sweaters, rarely buy for themselves. But it is incredibly nice. In addition, there is an extraordinary sense of humor.

Blanket with sleeves

For the new 2018

A gym membership is a great motivation for your boyfriend. Fitness bag for sportswear. If you are a boyfriend, you donated. But you also can not keep in shape.
For example:

  1. Multifunctional knife. It is useful at a picnic, on the farm, at work and even on the street.
  2. Radio-controlled machine or helicopter. Since it’s “the first 40 years You will be happy to feel like a child.
  3. Phone case. Not only protects the gadget from damage, but is also a stylish addition to the image.
  4. Belt. An integral part of the young man.
  5. Purse. It will keep you free of charge.
  6. Expander. It will help to train the muscles of the hands, even at work.
  7. Book. Not a banal gift at all. The most interesting ones are about self-development, human psychology.

If your favorite collects something, ask what item is missing. Selection of new copies.

They are notable sweet-toes. This is a pleasant and delicious gift box. It is a whisper or another drink.


Emotions - the 2018 is the best!

If you are a guy, then the best gift will be impressions. This is not necessarily a ticket to warm countries. You can help with your long-term dream. Successful ideas:

  1. skydiving;
  2. paragliding flight;
  3. paintball game;
  4. climbing;
  5. go-kart;
  6. walk on a hoverboard or Segway;
  7. diving, etc.

A gift certificate for such entertainment. It can be a nontrivial start of the coming year.

Personally prepared dishes. The guy will appreciate your diligence. If you’re in love with the second half.

Love story style photo session

A pillow, a picture of a car, a picture of a car, a set of tools ...The heart is the perfect gift gift box. Be creative For the guy for the New 2018.

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