Forest delicacy - white mushrooms. How to clean?

Returned from a forest hike and brought a full basket of mushrooms? Do not count on a quick rest! There is still a lot of work to be done, because cleaning mushrooms is not an easy task, and it cannot be put off indefinitely. Otherwise, prey brought from a quiet hunt may simply deteriorate. Especially a pity would be to ruin the real forest treasures - white mushrooms. How to clean, wash and prepare them for the cooking process? This will be discussed.

porcini how to peel

Important task

Surely anyone, even the most fanatical mushroom picker admits that he can not stand to clean the mushrooms. Sometimes this business takes twice as long as the collection itself. Particularly noteworthy are white mushrooms. Many people know how to clean them, but hardly anyone is willing to grab this job voluntarily.

Nevertheless, this time-consuming process is of paramount importance. Not only the taste of the dish prepared from them depends on how carefully the white mushrooms are cleaned, but also the health of all those who happen to eat them.

Noble boletus

Leo is the king of beasts, even children know this.And who is the king of mushrooms? Of course, boletus! A handsome white mushroom is not only very tasty and healthy, but it also requires much fuss with cooking than all its other forest relatives.

how to clean white mushrooms

The relatively large size and dense structure play into the hands of all lovers of quiet hunting. Therefore, honestly, it is not so difficult to cook porcini mushrooms ...

How to clean a boletus to spend on it a minimum of time and effort? It's simple - you need to start this business in the forest.

The first stage: leave the garbage in the homeland of the mushroom

This mushroom picker is harsh and prepared for everything. In one hand, his penknife (or kitchen) knife, and in the other - a basket. And why, one wonders, a man with a knife and a basket, dragging the forest dirt home? It is better to leave her where she belongs. Therefore, we boldly cut it off with a knife and cut off all unnecessary and suspicious by hand, it will not be useful to us anyway. This description includes such things as dirt, sticky leaves, dry needles, pieces gnawed by pests.

Scraps can be left right where they fell - the forest does not cause any harm (unlike plastic and paperwork!). Organic all the same.

Home cleaning: getting rid of excess

Before you clean the white mushrooms at home, you do not need to wash them. This rule is known even to children of mushroom pickers. The boletus mushrooms brought home are sorted out, finding fault with each specimen. All suspicious set aside.

Now proceed to the mechanical cleaning. People long ago came up with the idea of ​​using a toothbrush not only during bath procedures, but also at the moment when white mushrooms appear in the house. How to brush with a brush? Yes, very simple! It is not necessary to wet, it is better to just walk bristle over the entire surface of the fungus. Of course, for this case you should not use the brushes of the household and your own. It is better to have a special mushroom farm. By the way, in some hardware stores such ones are sold. True, they are not very different from ordinary teeth.

The knife, by the way, is not worth cleaning away. At home, there may be many more that would be desirable to cut off.

How should not be

We decided to seriously understand how to clean the white mushrooms? The photo below will help to understand what certainly should not happen:

how to clean white mushrooms

If a family of woodworms walked around a mushroom, such a mushroom is doomed. To eat it is not worth it.The same rule applies to rotted boletus. This rarely happens. Saving one or two mushrooms can turn into a big disorder. And both in the literal and figurative sense. Most likely, the dish will be hopelessly spoiled.

Bath procedures

Those who know how to clean the white mushrooms, will not pre-wet them. But after all the dirt is removed, the time comes to arrange bathing for boletus mushrooms. It is necessary to wash each mushroom separately, under running water, carefully looking closely. The brush, by the way, can be useful here.

how to clean white mushrooms photo


Surely before you clean the white mushrooms, you decided that you will cook from them? Different recipes require different preparation of ingredients. Therefore, those mushrooms that were intended to freeze and dry, lay out on newspapers in a single layer and let them dry completely. Only then can we proceed to further processing.

Those mushrooms boletus, which are designed for boiling, no drying, of course, do not require.

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