GAZ 3110: do-it-yourself tuning (photo)

The car produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant, the Volga familiar to all, is designed by the designers as a very roomy and comfortable sedan that looks advantageous against the background of its predecessors. However, despite this, the model has its drawbacks, which can be eliminated through improvements and improvements. For GAZ 3110 tuning is of several types and is divided depending on what part of the car is subject to change.

Design "Volga"

Perhaps the most impressive is, perhaps, the external tuning of GAZ 3110, made by own hands. Domestic car is ideal for independent work with him. Even if the owner of the car has no experience in tuning, you can easily cope with it.

gas 3110 tuning

The first thing to mention is the body kit. In automotive stores you can find different types of parts designed for this type of tuning, so you can always choose the right ones.

Original and unusual looks Shaving trunk "Volga".It allows you to transfer the license plate to the bumper, highlighting it while highlighting. The essence of shaving is to remove unnecessary parts and components from the car body.

The classic type of tuning is the installation of alloy wheels.

It is worth noting the very unusual and original photo-tuning of GAZ 3110, which implies applying airbrushing on a car body. You can decorate the car with any drawings, even according to your own design.

photo tuning gas 3110

For GAZ 3110, the tuning should be moderate: yet this car does not belong to class D, and it is unlikely to make a sports car out of it. Accordingly, changes in appearance should include maximum installation of other wheels, bumpers and lowered fit.

Tuning salon GAZ 3110

To fully change the appearance of the car, it is important to consider not only its new appearance, but also the interior. Accordingly, it is necessary to carry out tuning the cabin.
The initial stage of this tuning - constriction. The ideal material for this is leather, although such work will come in a decent amount. You can choose any color, but black and red and beige are considered the most popular. The skin can be replaced with CARPET.It is more resistant to external influences, good quality and variety.

tuning gas 3110 do it yourself

The next item is the replacement or hauling of the steering wheel. Often resort to a complete change of seats or interior decoration inserts of wood or chrome.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the tuning panel GAZ 3110:

  • Replacing instrument scales with more modern and original ones.
  • Conducting lighting devices in the color of the car.
  • Padding panel skin or cloth.

Absolutely all of the above car changes can be made by hand. The only exception is that the leather lining - the process of stretching is quite difficult and lengthy, so it is best to contact special services.

Engine tuning

The latest versions of the engines installed on the Volga, the 406s, have their drawbacks, despite the relatively high build quality and reliability. For GAZ 3110, engine tuning in most cases implies:

  • Chip tuning.
  • Crankshaft balancing. The weak point and common problem of the Volga engine is the imbalance of this part, which leads to the appearance of third-party noise and reduced power.
  • Polishing the intake channels of the cylinder heads.
  • Installing new valve springs. The engine installed on the "Volga", designed for high speed, respectively, and the springs on it are needed with high rigidity. Factory does not provide the desired level of stiffness, which leads to a hang of the valves in the upper speed range.
  • Installing a new receiver.
  • Installation of the turbine. Tuning GAZ "Volga" 3110 often includes just such changes to the engine. Despite the fact that the aspiration of the aspirated - a very troublesome and expensive business, you can meet such engines today.

tuning cabin gas 3110Such tuning can increase engine power up to 230 horsepower. However, there are several similar ways to increase the power of the power unit. One of them is its replacement - for example, with Toyota engines. Of course, from the point of view of finance, such tuning will cost more, but approximately the same amount as the turbocharging.

Detailed photos, tuning GAZ 3110 which is described very accurately and in detail, will help to arrange the car in the style you like.

Tuning suspension

Established suspension "Volga" is not able to adequately dampen all vibrations and withstand loads, which leads to the risk of accidents and skidding.
In most cases, tuning this part of the car implies replacing the standard gas-filled shock absorbers. Their advantages are not only reliability and efficiency, but also the ability to customize them for an individual riding style.

Expensive models of shock absorbers also imply the ability to adjust ground clearance, so you can drive at high speeds and off-road.

tuning bumper gas 3110

For GAZ 3110, tuning the suspension also means replacing the standard springs with two-piece ones. Such parts are characterized by greater rigidity of the upper part compared to the bottom. As a result, the car’s handling is greatly increased, since during a sharp turn or maneuvering, the wheels do not come off the road surface, but are pressed against it.

Steel spherical hinges are installed to achieve maximum controllability of the car at the expense of comfort of movement.

Brake tuning GAZ 3110

Technical improvement of the engine, leading to an increase in its power, requires an adjustment of the brake system. It should be noted that on models of cars of foreign production, whose engine size exceeds 2 liters, rear disc brakes are installed, while drum brakes are installed on the Volga with its 2.4 liters.Accordingly, the tuning of the brakes implies the replacement of drum on disc.

Tuning bumper on GAZ 3110

Independently you can work out the bumper "Volga". Make it simple enough: you need to create a sketch on which the layout is performed - for example, from foam. It is attached to the car and in several layers pasted over with glass mat, while rubbing sandpaper. Then a new piece is putty and painted. This type of tuning takes a lot of time, but the end result is worth it.

Chip tuning

With this procedure, you can significantly increase engine power while reducing fuel consumption. Chip tuning can be done independently, it’s enough to have the necessary diagnostic equipment.

tuning panel gas 3110

Using the devices, the firmware is determined, after which changes are made to the parameters of the electronic control unit. Properly conducted and high-quality software tuning allows you to improve some of the characteristics of the engine, especially if before it made its technical changes.

Tuning accessories

Recently, there is no diversity among the parts for body tuning as such: most stores offer rear and front bumpers, side suspensions or door sills.All accessories differ only in shape and color. In addition, the appearance of the Volga can be changed with the help of moldings and spoilers of unusual colors.

tuning gas Volga 3110

Accessories for tuning and include various little things, starting with a special self-adhesive film for the dashboard and ending with various LEDs. You can purchase scales for instruments on the panel, replacing them with standard ones - such trifles look original and unusual.

The cost of materials for tuning depends on their quality, manufacturer and specific uses: if a vehicle is technically modified, then you will have to pay a considerable amount, but to improve the appearance it is enough to spend a couple of thousand. You can save money by contacting various forums where GAZ 3110 car owners will suggest budget options.

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