Gel "Aktifert": reviews gynecologists

The long-awaited child - happiness, and the drug "Aktifert", the reviews of which are mostly positive, will easily help to fulfill this desire. To do this, you just need to follow the instructions and use the tool at the right time.

Drug release form

The gel is sold in paper packaging, which contains two tubes of gel "Aktifert". Each of them is equipped with a special nozzle, which provides a convenient introduction of the drug into the vagina. Thanks to her, the tool is introduced quite deeply, which prevents it from flowing out.actifert reviews

Each tube contains 5 ml of helium substance. Substance has a yellowish tint due to the content of the complex plant polysaccharides. The tube is intended for single use only, and its volume contains the necessary single dose for the introduction of the drug into the vagina.

The composition of the drug

Actifert gel, reviews of which are simply amazing, contains a special complex of plant-derived polysaccharides Arabinogalactan.That it is the main and main active ingredient.

Auxiliary components are glycerin and deodorized water.

The mechanism of action of the drug

"Aktifert", reviews of which speak about its effectiveness, increases the vital activity of sperm during the period of fertilization of the egg. Normalizes pH and rejuvenation. As a result, spermatozoa more successfully overcome the acidic environment of the vagina, become more active and viable, which increases the chances of a successful, effective conception.

Aktifert reviews who helped

The acidity of the gel for the female body is optimal. This feature allows you to remove the signs of cytolic vaginosis, which is similar in all its manifestations to thrush, is a burning sensation, white discharge, itching. Usually, when taking a mask for analysis, there is no candidacy, which completely excludes the occurrence of thrush.

A similar situation is observed in women during pregnancy due to increased levels of glycogen in the vaginal environment, causing an increase in the content of lactoflora. Such a disease is often the reason why a long-awaited pregnancy does not occur.

Means "Aktifert": instructions for use

Reviews say that a huge number of couples face the problem of infertility. The reasons are very different:

All these and other factors make semen less mobile and reduce its quality. Reduce the numerical number of sperm production, including its active elements. Such spermatozoa are simply not able to pass through the acidic vaginal environment and mostly die without reaching the egg cell.

To prevent this situation and apply the gel, which is the most favorable effect on the vaginal environment. Confirm the effectiveness of the effects of the drug "Aktifert" reviews. Who helped the drug, they recommend to prevent infertility to use it for 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse, especially in those days when there should be ovulation. To determine this period will help a special test, which can be purchased at each pharmacy. The best time to administer the drug is the day before the ovulation surfer reviews

"Aktifert" with female diseases

The drug is used to eliminate cytolytic vaginosis. This disease increases the acidity of the vagina to 4.5 or more.It is characterized by burning and the appearance of white discharge similar to thrush. To eliminate the disease injected lying drug "Akifert". Instructions for use (reviews strongly recommend that you carefully study it before using the drug) says that this procedure is best done at bedtime so that the gel cannot drain out and stay in the vagina as long as possible. In this case, therapy will be more effective. The course of treatment should last at least two days. But in general, the period of drug treatment should not exceed three days per month. If necessary, you can use the medicine again, but next month.

Stages of the procedure

What is the effectiveness of the drug "Aktifert"? Reviews gynecologists say that the effect largely depends on its proper use. So, during the procedure, you must adhere to the following steps:

  1. The gel is removed from the carton, and the seal is broken off at its tip with a slight movement of the hand.
  2. The tip is inserted a short distance into the vagina in the prone position.
  3. It should gradually and slowly squeeze the tube, introducing its entire volume into the vaginal environment.
  4. The tip of the Akifert tube should be removed slowly from the vagina. Feedback from women argue that the correct and timely application can guarantee a successful conception.
  5. It is necessary to lie for some time, if the drug is administered during the day, for its best effect.
  6. Throw away the tube, as it is disposable, and its repeated use is not recommended.

gel actifert reviews about conceptionDespite the presence of instructions, you must always remember that you should not self-medicate and independently appoint gel Akifert. Reviews of conception in its application say a guaranteed end result, a successful pregnancy. It is the specialist who is able to make an accurate diagnosis, take the appropriate tests and prescribe a complete therapy, in which not only the Akifert gel will participate, but also other drugs.

Indications for the use of drugs

This drug, as well as all the others, has certain indications and contraindications. So, it is recommended to use it along with other drugs in the treatment of infertility. Also, the gel is often included in the complex therapeutic treatment of oligozoospermia and asthenozoospermia, to stimulate the movement of spermatozoa and prolong their vital activity,especially after the end of intercourse. Use gel "Aktifert" (reviews indicate excellent results) with high acidity of the vaginal environment, which negatively affects the activity and activity of sperm. Irreplaceable this drug in the treatment of cytolytic vaginosis.

Contraindications to use

Contraindications to the use of drugs can serve as individual intolerance to the drug and the possibility of an allergic reaction to the components that make up the gel Aktifert.

Reviews of doctors claim that the drug does not contain substances that can harm a woman during pregnancy and during lactation. On the contrary, the use of gel in this period is recommended in the presence of white discharge, as well as symptoms resembling thrush, which occur due to an increase in the acidity of the vaginal environment, which is observed in the presence of excessive glycogen formation in the vagina during pregnancy. As a result, an increased growth of lactoftor is observed.actifert gel reviews

What side effects does Akifert gel cause?

Reviews of doctors about the drug warn that in some cases it causes increased sensitivity of the body. Therefore, before using it, you should consult with your doctor.

Also, when using the drug should be careful not to leave the tube in the vagina, as it does not dissolve in the environment of the body and can cause significant harm to health.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The shelf life of the drug is three years. The drug should be stored in a cool dark and inaccessible to children place at a temperature of from +5 to +25 ° C.

Gel "Aktifert", reviews of which are simply excellent, are produced by the company ZAO EMANSI Laboratory, which is located at: 1119049, Moscow, 1st Lyusinovsky pereulok, 3B - by special order of United Pharma Laboratories Ltd.gynecologists reviews

Cost and effectiveness of the drug

Who really helped the drug, they say that he works wonders, and recommend it to anyone who has problems with conception. In addition, it is quite affordable. So, depending on the place of sale, its price ranges from 550 to 700 rubles. However, reviews of many women say about the drug "Aktifert"that the drug is difficult to buy in the network of pharmacies in large cities, and it has to be ordered via the Internet, overpaying for its shipping.

Different opinions

Of course, Actifert gel is not the same for everyone. Reviews of conception after the use of funds indicate that this medicine is not a single woman helped to get pregnant. But despite this, opinions about the drug were divided. So, many have noted a positive result and pregnancy after the first use. Before using the drug, they used special tests to determine the period of onset of ovulation. It is claimed that it was this procedure that helped produce a safe conception with the help of an Aktifert lubricant. Reviews (who helped the drug, they are willing to share their experiences) are grateful to the doctors who advised this particular tool. But at the same time, many people pay attention to the fact that not only healthy spermatozoa, but also weak injured ones, can easily reach the egg when it is introduced, which can later cause miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. Some ladies advise to lie down after intercourse for 15-30 minutes, lifting his legs up to make sperm get inside faster.

Aktifert reviews instruction

There are women who have used the gel several times, but have not achieved the desired result. A certain category uses "Aktifert" in combination with other drugs that help to successfully conceive a child. Therefore, when two strips are detected on the pregnancy test, they cannot confidently assert that this particular drug helped them. Some replace this medicine with soda solution in the proportion of one teaspoon per glass of water. According to them, a completely identical effect on the vaginal environment occurs, and soda, like gel, helps to reduce its acidity, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the activity of spermatozoa. Here there is only a significant difference in price and methods of influence on the body. But only a few agree with this opinion.

Most of the gel "Aktifert" (reviews gynecologists often mention this tool) is prescribed by a doctor. Some who have read positive responses try to use it themselves. But, as a rule, the use of the drug without the appointment of a specialist does not bring the desired result.

Reviews of the drug in the treatment of cytolytic vaginosis

As you know, it often prevents women from becoming pregnant with such a diagnosis as cytolytic vaginosis. To recognize this disease is not obtained by all doctors, and those who identified it, they say that it is practically not cured. There are only some drugs that temporarily alleviate the condition of a woman, eliminate itching, burning, and remove whites. Just such a few drugs and carry the gel "Aktifert". Reviews, instructions for the drug in detail tell how to use it in the presence of this disease.

Many argue that it significantly improves the condition during the course of the disease. Positive changes come on the second and third day after using the drug "Aktifert". The price (again, the cost is different) is quite significant, especially if you use the gel every month to treat a disease or to successfully conceive. Ladies point out that the symptoms of cytolytic vaginosis and thrush are similar, and they are easy to confuse. Many women began to be treated independently of thrush, and only then, when the self-treatment did not produce any result, they decided to consult a doctor.This once again proves that any medication should be prescribed by a specialist after establishing the correct diagnosis, including Aktifert (gel).

Reviews (the price of the drug ranges from 600 rubles), most women still recommend trying it to those who are unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for a long time. After all, he helped many, although they did not completely believe in its effectiveness.

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