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Gideon meaning of the name and the interpretation of the name. Gideon - a shirt (other Heb.).
Name days, patron saints. October 9 (September 26) - The righteous Gideon, judge of Israel.
Superstitions, omens, customs. The first dry snow on this day promises a good summer.
The zodiac name is Libra. Planet - Saturn. The color of the name is dark blue. Auspicious tree - hazel. The cherished plant is heather.
The patron saint of the name is the mantis. Stone-mascot - beryl.
Diminutive forms. Gedya, Gesha.
Middle name. Gedeonovich, Gedeonovna.
Name and character. Gideon is what he wants to be. May like, knows how to make love yourself - or bring to hatred. Everything in it is shaky, changeable, depending on the momentary mood or caprice. Despite modesty and restraint, Gideon never passes unnoticed. Very original, not like anyone, he treats life differently than all. Even when he is loved, he awakens a feeling of anxiety.
Name in history and literature. Gideon Krinovsky (1726–1763) - Archbishop of Pskov; was a court preacher, then a member of the Holy Synod.He was the first to use the popular language in his famous sermons: word formation, word endings and syntax were almost purely Russian. His "Words" were published in 1754-1759. in Moscow.

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