Petrosyan’s divorce threatens to cost him a billion rubles. Fyodor Bondarchuk bought for 80 million an apartment in Moscow Paulina Andreeva's pussy. Well, it’s necessary not only to promote the girl in the cinema, but also to the bedroom windows - on Red Square!
Someone will say: real men! Others will think: well, is it not morons?
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Your shirt, of course, should be closer to the body. But not masturbation because in 72 years to do? Property is a pity, but on the other hand, you cannot take it to the grave with you!
Despite all the feminism that is fashionable now, I believe that a man has the right to make presents. In the end, why does he live, if not to support women who like him?
Objectively say: would you give Petrosyan or Fede Bondarchuk without money?
That's it, that no one would have given. And if what kind of woman they liked, they should win her (well, or buy that same thing).
It is possible to condemn women who are taken for real estate, but the sale itself is an honest deal. She told him - pussy, he told her - the stars of the towers of the Kremlin directly into the bedroom.

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