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Grill pan is a new type of kitchenware, allowing to cook delicious meat, fish, vegetable dishes. Its peculiarity is a grooved bottom, which when frying meat forms strips on its surface. Thus, the grill pan allows you to prepare dishes that can be a great alternative to being fried on barbecue grills or barbecue. Many have already appreciated all the advantages of this new product and are convinced of its practicality. Consumers who know from their own experience that they are a grill pan have only positive reviews.

Grill pan


It is used not only for “striped” roasting, but also helps to prepare diet meals from products. This is achieved by using special grooves on the bottom. Thanks to them, during cooking it is not necessary to use a large amount of oil, and all the excess fat will drain into the grooves of the corrugated bottom.In order to cook meat, fish or vegetables, you only need to lubricate the surface, which is in direct contact with the product. In this way, you can fry meat or fish without harming your health.


Grill pan can be made of different materials and have both round and square shape. Depending on the material used, such pans differ in their characteristics. For example, if a grill pan is made of cast iron, then it is heavy, it heats up for a long time and cools down. It is safe to cook in such dishes, but you cannot store food, because they will get an unpleasant taste. The disadvantage is that the cast-iron cookware quickly rust. The aluminum version will not heat up so long, but it is hard enough to wash it after use, as products can sometimes burn.

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If the grill pan (cast iron or aluminum) has a Teflon non-stick coating, it will heat up quickly and wash easily. Foods prepared with it are healthier and tastier, but care should be taken in handling the coating because it cannot be scratched and overheated.When buying such dishes, you should also pay attention to the thickness of Teflon, which must be at least 3 mm.

cast iron grill pan


The best option can be considered as a frying pan with a ceramic coating. The surface of this dish is more reliable than Teflon, and prevents burning. Such a pan heats up quickly because it has a small thickness of 3-5 mm. On it, you can quickly and easily prepare a dish and not worry about the need to wash burnt meat for a long time. In order to clean its surface, it will take no more than one minute.

Save time and nerves

Among all existing types of grill pan is very popular. It will be a useful and valuable acquisition for any housewife who wants to treat her loved ones with delicious dishes. Such dishes will help not only to create the most exquisite culinary masterpieces, but also provide an opportunity to preserve health and not spend too much time and nerves on cooking.

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