GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity

For several months, this ganghorrified motorists. Its members, without any qualms of conscience, killed not only the drivers, but also those who became an involuntary witness of their atrocities. And criminals "killed" in 99% of cases, not for the sake of profit: the money and jewels of their victims were interested in the last. So what is this gang that kills motorists without any good reasons?

History of creation

The investigation succeeded in establishing that behind allthe killings of drivers are GTA grouping. In the suburbs, this gang was created. Presumably, she received her name thanks to the computer game Grand Theft Auto, which takes the gamer to the criminal environment of the big city. Detectives say that the criminal community was "put together" in one of the dachas near Moscow village Udelnaya.

Grouping of GTA in the Moscow region

And belonged to the suburban homeownership of the relatives of somebody Alexey Staroverov, who, as it turned out, headed the management of the affairs of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Investigators did not make much effortsuggest that the grouping of GTA in the suburbs and Alexei Staroverov are links of one chain. It was established that members of the gang and its organizer lived for a long time at the dacha of the prosecutor's official, and there they formed a solid arsenal of weapons.

The leader

Also the detectives found out that on the empty cottage(relatives Staroverova only occasionally visited there) for some time there lived a middle-aged lady, who came to the region from far abroad. Initially, she settled in the garage. In the end, the owners of the dacha entered the position of a woman and offered to guard her home. After a while, her daughter often came to visit her, and then a certain Rustam Usmanov appeared at the dacha. Friends began to visit him, who, however, observed the regime and did not make noise.

GTA group

Naturally, none of the neighbors thoughtcontact the police: "persons of non-Slavic appearance" behaved quietly. Often they asked women for solitude to pray to Allah. But in reality, they needed to be left without outsiders to discuss the details of the planned atrocities. The GTA grouping in the Moscow region has equipped a cache at the dacha where pistols and homemade grenades were stored. The head of the gang was Rustam Usmanov. He will almost every day leave on a Daewoo Nexia foreign car for the territory of a country household and meet with accomplices. As a rule, such actions ended in atrocities.

Gang affairs

The GTA grouping in the Moscow region began to commit crimes in the fall of 2013. On the section of the highway "Baltia" (Krasnogorsk region),directly on the curb was found a corpsethe owner of the jeep Toyota Land Cruiser. Gunshot wounds were recorded on his body. As it was found out, after the murder, the criminals seized the SUV, and then left it in Solnechnogorsk. In the spring of 2014, members of the GTA (Moscow region) killed a group of tourists on the M-4 “Don” highway, who were traveling from the capital to visit their relatives living in the Krasnodar Territory. Then the victim was a summer resident who was driving to Moscow in his own car.

GTA grouping in Moscow region latest news

Murderers wielded until the fall. Investigators found out that GTA (group of bandits) killed 17 people.


The algorithm of criminal actions was trivial: spikes were laid on the track, and after the victim's wheels had been pierced, and the car owner was leaving the cabin, the latter was shot at close range. If valuables were found in a car, their criminals simply took them away. But, as it turned out later, the money for the criminals was not the main thing. They enjoyed the process of murder itself. For the members of the GTA (group of bandits) the identity of the car owner had no meaning: anyone could be the victim.

Remarkable is the fact that the composition of the criminal community was not constant: it was periodically updated, because after two or three atrocities, some of the murderers left for their historic homeland.


Naturally, the public very soon became concerned about the monstrous and cynical crimes the GTA grouping in the Moscow region was committing.

GTA grouping in the Moscow region caught

The latest gang news, informed inThe media turned out to be pleasant: on November 6, 2014, during the storming of the garage, the security forces managed to eliminate the leader of the intruders. All accusations were dropped from Alexey Staroverov, since it was established that he was in no way affiliated with the gang, and the cottage where the criminals were stationed did not belong to him specifically, but to his relatives. But back to the events of November 6th. So, during the operation, the GTA grouping in the Moscow region was completely neutralized by the security forces. They caught 8 men and 6 women, who were subsequently prosecuted. On the territory of a country home ownership, firearms were found and seized, including two Kalashnikov assault rifles and cartridges.


Special Forces officers continued to work, but already in the territories of Sushchevsky Val, Western District and Krasnoselsky District of the capital.

GTA Moscow region

It was there, according to the operatives,lived members of the criminal group GTA. All of them were from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In the apartments, detectives found two grenades, two traumatic pistols and fourteen cartridges. As the criminals explained, when they committed atrocities, they were driven not by self-interest and profit, but by the desire to intimidate the “infidels”, because they belonged to the radical Islamist movement. The final point in this story will put the court. However, the representative of the defense has already declared that this is a losing case, and the criminals will get what they deserve.

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GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity GTA grouping in the Moscow region: the scale of criminal activity