Washing machine "Hans": reviews, error codes, repair

The Hansa washing machine, reviews of which are confirmed, is in demand from a domestic buyer. And it is worth noting, quite deserved. The brand was founded in 1997. There are many interesting models in the product range. They are of good quality, reliability and, most importantly, functionality. Let's take a closer look at the products of this brand. We will try to identify all the strengths of Hansa washing machines, and real reviews of people who have already purchased such appliances will help, of course.

Washing machine instruction

Useful features

Currently, most buyers prefer low-cost devices. The fact is that although they are not equipped with innovative developments, they do an excellent job with the main task. For example, the model Hansa AWO510D. It implements a special program that allows you to disinfect laundry during washing.It is great for removing bacteria from children's things, which allows young mothers to completely give up boiling. This effect is achieved due to the high temperature (95 ° C). If desired, this mode can also be used when washing white bed linen. The result is amazing. This is confirmed by numerous reviews.

The Hans washing machine also does an excellent rinse. Probably, every hostess at least once, but poured a lot of powder, after which unpleasant white stains remained on things. But Hansa devices will be able to cope with this problem easily, since most models are equipped with an intensive rinsing function.

In the comments, the owners pay special attention to the “Anti-Wrinkle” options. Thanks to her, it is no longer necessary to iron the laundry after washing for hours.

Washing Machine Reviews

A few words about the characteristics

What about the characteristics stated in the reviews? The Hans washing machine also deserves praise in this matter. The manufacturer optimally maintains a balance between the final cost and equipment. Nobody has any comments here.

For those who live alone, you can purchase a model with a small load volume, for example, 4 kg. The device with the same capacity is suitable for a family of two people.But those who often have to erase a lot of things, it is recommended to pay attention to instances with a load of up to 6 kg. In the reviews, the owners say that a lot will depend on the right choice of machine parameters, including efficiency.

The effectiveness of Hansa machines is quite high. For example, with reduced power consumption, costs can be reduced by approximately 25%. To do this, you need to clarify what class of efficiency the device has. The most economical are those labeled Class A, A + and above. This information is listed in the instructions to the washing machine "Hans".

An equally important parameter is the spin speed. At present, it is recommended to choose those devices that make at least 1000 turns in one minute.

Repair of washing machines

The advantages of a washing machine

Studying reviews of the owners, it is necessary to tell about the advantages of these devices. This list is quite large, so select only the main ones. These include:

  • Manual temperature changes.
  • The choice of the optimal number of rotations of the drum during the spin cycle.
  • A large set of automatic programs. For example, in Hansa AWB 510 LR there are 23 of them.
  • The presence of a large number of service centers, which offer repair services for washing machines.

Hansa is a brand that manufactures appliances with a high level of protection. This, of course, the owners also consider the undisputed advantage. All models are protected from leakage (cheap - in part, and expensive - in a complex). The ability to lock the control panel helps those who have curious children. Of course, all models of washing machines are equipped with sensors that monitor the balance of the drum and the level of foaming during washing. And the most important thing for automatic devices is the ability to independently diagnose a fault. But let's talk about this in detail.

Error codes washing machine

Hansa washing machine: error codes

Thanks to intelligent control, these devices are able to self-diagnose a fault. The developers came up with a simplified form of notifying the owners of errors. For these purposes, special codes are used. Let's look at them on the example of the PC series.

Code Malfunction Causes
E01 Problems with locking the boot lock.

1. The hatch door is not tightly closed.

2. Failed lock.

3There has been damage to the wiring or contacts.

E02 The water in the tank is drawn too long.

1. Weak pressure in the central water supply system.

2. The intake hose is clogged or bent.

3. The tap is not fully open.

E03 Drain water from the tank slowly.

1. There is a blockage in the drain hose.

2. Clogged pump filter.

3. Drain pump out of order.

4. Garbage has accumulated in the nozzles of the device.

E04 The tank of the washing machine is full of water.

1. Breakdown of the water level sensor (relay).

2. Malfunctioning inlet valve.

3. During the wash in the water supply system the pressure increased dramatically.

E05 The tank is not filled with water for more than 10 minutes.

1. The supply hose is strongly pinched or clogged.

2. Problems with pressure in the central system.

3. The filling valve is broken.

4. Problems with the level sensor.

5. Breakdown of the controller.

E06 More than 10 minutes does not drain the water.

1. The drain hose is heavily clogged.

2. The level sensor does not work correctly.

3. The drain pump has become unusable.

E07 The AquaStop sensor activated due to water leaking into the instrument pan.

1. Violation of the integrity of the pipes or tank.

2. Out of order sensor.

E08 Power problems (wrong settings). Check the voltage.
E09 Foam level too high. It is recommended to reduce the dose of detergent and use only powders specifically designed for automatic machines.
E11 There was a failure in the operation of the UBL power triac.

1. Breakdown of the simistor itself.

2. Controller malfunction.

E21 There was a lock of the drive motor. The tachogenerator does not give a signal.

1. Tachogenerator and thermal switch malfunction.

2. The motor is not connected to the controller.

E22 The drive motor rotates without receiving a command. A short circuit occurred in the electrical circuit, due to which the triac drive motor failed.
E31 Temperature sensor is not working. Problems in the sensor's electrical circuit may have been a short circuit.
E32 Open circuit temperature sensor. Check the integrity of the electrical circuit.
E42 Do not disable the lock door locking door.

1. Breakage of the castle.

2. Controller malfunction.

3. The door is locked.

E52 There were problems with the nonvolatile memory of the device. On the electronic controller the memory chip failed.

Repair of Hans washing machines

Many buyers are interested in repairing a home appliance.For example, how much will it cost to repair this or that damage and whether spare parts are available. Note that the cost of repair will directly depend on the malfunction. If we are talking about replacing a temperature sensor or controller, the price will be low. The master will perform these works quickly, and even at home. However, in case of failure of an electric motor or electronics, the cost of repair can practically reach the price of a new device. Such work is time consuming, so you have to use the services of the service center. However, in reality, the quality of Hans washing machines (owner reviews confirm this information) exceeds all expectations. Devices fail rarely and in most cases serve without serious damage for about 10 years.

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