Herbal Tooth Powder

Everyone loves when their teeth and gums are healthy, without plaque, caries, yellowing, etc. Today there are a lot of dental and oral care products on sale, but can we be sure of their effectiveness and safety? It is best to prepare such a tool at home, you will always know what it contains and what action it has. So, we proceed to the manufacture of tooth powder with a whitening and anti-inflammatory effect.
What you need for this:
Coffee grinder,
3 tbsp kaolin (white clay).
2 tbsp sea salt.
1 tbsp milk powder.
Dried herbs:
Carnation - 3-4 pcs.
Almond nut - half.
A pinch of cinnamon.
On a tea spoon of a camomile, a sage, a plantain, a thyme, birch kidneys, a basil and the Arabian acacia, an essential oil of a lemon.
The composition of herbs can be changed by adding or removing some of them, it all depends on what your health and beauty needs.
White clay is an excellent sorbent, cleansing strengthens the teeth without damaging the tooth enamel and without destroying the beneficial microflora of the oral cavity.
Sea salt is a natural source of micro and macro elements, carefully cleaning and disinfecting the teeth and oral cavity.
Milk powder is useful for caries, plaque, perfectly and gently whitens teeth.
Carnation refreshes and disinfects, perfectly fights pain, caries, pulpitis.
Almond nut improves the condition of the gums and teeth, refreshes, has antibacterial properties. Cinnamon is an excellent antiseptic, kills germs, destroys bad breath. The remaining herbs are also disinfected, nourished, cleansed, relieve inflammation, and bleached.
herbal tooth powder

We start grinding all the components of our powder in a coffee grinder, of course, except for milk.
After grinding, sift the entire composition through a small strainer, in order to get a delicate texture that does not traumatize tooth enamel.
herbal tooth powder

You can use the powder simply by dipping a wet toothbrush in it, or you can add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil, a teaspoon of pharmaceutical glycerin or a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to it, bring the paste to the consistency and use it in this form using a pastry syringe or bag for storage.
herbal tooth powder

Regular use of natural powder will prevent diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, whiten teeth and remove bad breath.
tooth powder on grass by own hands

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