How can I find out the network address of a network card?

Many ask the question, how to learn the network address of the network card?

MAC address of the network card and there is a unique number,assigned to each equipment running on the network. It is necessary precisely to determine this or that equipped equipment. He also has a second name - a physical address.

It's time to figure out how to find out the network addressnetwork card and other equipment. Why do people look at this address? First of all, because of the inherent curiosity of people. Secondly, sometimes there is a need to change the address of your router, which really wants to connect a few more computers or other devices.

Here the situation is as follows: the provider is able to prescribe the known MAC address of the network card and as a consequence, to prohibit the access of foreign devices to the Internet. To allow computers to enter the Internet using your router, you should assign them an address that is listed on the network card.

Another option is how to learn the networkaddress of the network card, is the launch of the command line. To do this, press the "start" key and then "execute". The next step will be writing in the line "cmd ". After opening the window we need, we need to enter the command "ipconfig / all", then click "Enter". After that, the screen will show ainformation: 2 devices - one of which is a previously lost network card with six pairs of numbers corresponding to the physical address of the device. Each window will provide a brief information on the device you need, which, if necessary, you can study and use it for further work. As you already understood, the MAC address is a unique number assigned to the equipment by the manufacturer. When connected to a local network, the device can be assigned a completely different identification number, not associated with the serial number of the device.

Another popular answer to the question "howfind the network address of the network card "became the use of the Control Panel. To do this, double click on the "network connections" panel, then select the "LAN connection" item. The next step is to click on the "state" option and the "support" tab, and later on the "details". The newly opened window will have a complete summary of the information on the address of the network card, painted in minute detail.

The best option is not to purchase a networkmaps, and the presence of a built-in. The built-in network card can be called a miracle of modern technologies, as once it was named a computer. Many years ago the name changed. Once there were electronic computers, later they were computers, but now the most popular, convenient and practical to use netbooks, laptops and tablet computers that you can take with you to any part of the world complete with wireless Internet. It is worth noting that, along with the evolution of these names, others come, for example, you can differently call the MAC address - network or physical address of the device, local network and so on.

It is worth pondering: why do you need several names of the same thing or equipment? Soon we will all start speaking in different languages ​​and 2 specialists who have studied in different places will not understand each other, which soon can lead not to evolution, but to revolution, with the subsequent release of dictionaries with terms for more competent communication of professionals. The workarounds are always good, for this purpose, several ways were invented to change the network address of the device (and without it). You just have to correctly use the suggested tips and in the end get only the pleasure of communicating with the computer.

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How can I find out the network address of a network card How can I find out the network address of a network card How can I find out the network address of a network card How can I find out the network address of a network card How can I find out the network address of a network card How can I find out the network address of a network card