What are the bedrooms of famous people?

9-10-2017, 18:02

A person spends a huge amount of time in a dream, and in the bedroom as a whole. What do famous people have a rest after?
Dmitry Nagiyev

Here is Dmitry Nagiyev. I wonder what the reaction will be to the Bridget Bardot carpet of black fox foxes if she accidentally visits this house. I do not know about you, readers, but I would hardly be comfortable living in such an area of ​​mirrors.
Lolita Milyavskaya

I understand everything, but why the tree?
Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and her husband are sleeping on a black black bed under a black black bedspread and black black sconces. I'd rather not say anything about the associations caused by the view of such a bedroom ... Interestingly, their bed linen is also black.
Olga Dovlatova

And this is the bedroom of the famous radio host Allochka Dovlatova. All anything, if not a cross on the wall ...
Zhanna Friske

What did the popular singer room look like? There is no doubt that Jeanne had a good taste.A full-wall painting is the pride of Zhanna Friske's bedroom. If atake a closer lookcarefully, then you can see a clear non-combination of the size of a sailing boat with a bridge and a castle.
Anastasia Volochkova

Well, what else to expect from her? The royal bedroom. Crystal chandelier, drapes.

Very cute and bright bedroom, if it were not for this leopard punished. Breath of the village from him ...
Garik Martirosyan

The bedroom of the resident Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan in Emo-style. Purple bed on a background of black and white walls with fancy ornaments. Can someone from readers explain the purpose of the subject of the interior in the right part of the photo.
Keri Russell

The star of the acclaimed TV series "The Americans" (and other famous projects) prefers classics and comfort above all.
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has already managed to sell these modern apartments in New York, but we hope that at least she has kept this magic chandelier and bright orange blankets.
Meg Ryan

Simplicity with functionality adds up to a sleek design and a nice looking palette of shades.
Robert Pattison

The ex-vampire clearly does not reach for luxury: his wooden bedroom made of natural materials with a minimum of details and retro-flavor is what is needed for a serious man.
James marsden

Actor, singer and former model of Versace, James knows a lot about beauty. His vintage bedroom with wooden ceilings and multi-colored details just won over us.
Sofia Coppola

American actress, director, producer, owner of Oscar and Golden Lion in her bedroom design did not rely on gold furniture and other excesses, but on comfort, simplicity and a lot of light.
Gisele Bundchen

The Brazilian model embodied the dreams of half the world's population, arranging a glass wall in her bedroom overlooking the heart of New York.
Courtney Kardashian

The neon sign "Love Me" above the bed ... no wonder that this is the bedroom of one of the members of the Kardashian family. Fully in their style.

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