How much can be the delay of menstruation? Causes, treatment, drugs

Menstruation for women is a characteristic cycle that is an integral part of life. Monthly repeats every month on certain days, so year after year. A normal cycle in a healthy woman is 28 days. If 35 days have passed, but there are no monthly periods, then this is already considered a delay. About why this happens, whether there is a risk for a woman, let's talk today in this much can be a delay of menstruation

How much can be the delay of menstruation?

We have already said that the delay is the absence of menstruation for 35 days. The reasons are usually easy to determine.

It may be:

  • some disease;
  • Lifestyle;
  • pregnancy.

To delay the monthly has its own framework, which may be allowed and should not cause concern. This rate is the permissible number of days, which is accompanied by the absence of menstrual flow.

So, how much can a monthly delay be? The answer is 5-7 days.In this case, you must take into account how a woman feels. If during these days of delays in the body there are premenstrual symptoms, then you should not worry.

If there is a possibility that this lack of menstruation may be associated with pregnancy, then even 2 days of delay can explain everything. A woman who clearly monitors her health, keeps a calendar, should be alerted. This is especially true of those whose cycle has enviable regularity. In this case, the first thing to do if there is a delay in menstruation is a pregnancy test.delay of 5 months

Tip! If you are sexually active, keep a few test strips in your home first-aid kit so that you can see if you are pregnant right after the first days of the delay. This will help not to suffer in anticipation of menstruation, wondering what the reason for their absence.

Causes of a 2-day delay

In fact, there may be many. You should not start to panic, and sit down and think about the previous month. You may have been stressed at work, you have drastically changed your diet, you have had emotional shakes. All this can lead to a delay of menstruation for 2 days.

And, as mentioned above, take a pregnancy test if you have had unprotected sexual intercourse.monthly test delay

Causes of a delay of three days or more

Each woman is waiting most of all for menstruation during their absence on the prescribed days, unless, of course, a possible pregnancy for her is a sad event. Such a delay, as a rule, is exactly what this says. But this explanation is not the only one. After all, the absence of menstruation can also talk about inflammation, interruptions in hormones, and disease.

Moreover, the likelihood of these unpleasant problems increases if the delay is already more than 4 days. In this case, a pregnancy test shows a negative result.

What to do if the delay is more than 4 days?

Of course, you need to worry, but it’s too early to panic. Yet there are reasons that can give an explanation, besides the above.

A delay of 4 days may be because:

• Pregnancy has come. No, we were not mistaken. The fact is that it is not always possible to determine in the first three days whether conception has come.

• An alteration in the body has occurred. This happens in a woman's life once or twice a year. This is a normal process and does not cause any problems. It happens very often and can happen to every woman.

Tip! During the delayed period, think that they should come in the coming days, and not that they are not. After all, so you create a nervous tension in the body that can aggravate the situation.Delay of menstruation. Reviews

5-month delay

We have already said that the absence of menstruation for a period of not more than a week may not have any serious reasons that affect women's health. But if you go to a doctor, then be prepared that you may hear a diagnosis called ovarian dysfunction. Yes, that could be too.

So, you continue to delay menstruation. 5 days is actually a short time for panic, but such dysfunction may indicate a hormone failure. Further, to begin to act in the direction of solving the problem, you will need to undergo an examination. Again, do not panic ahead of time, because we have already answered the question of how much a monthly delay can be, and we are convinced that this is normal. Perhaps a week later, your problem will disappear by itself.

Monthly delay 6-7 days

Lack of periods can be the norm, but if PMS is still not felt, then you should start worrying.

Also, you yourself could inadvertently provoke a physiological lack of menstruation.pain with delayed menstruation

We are talking about the following factors:

• Overweight or sudden loss.Very often, women who are constantly on diets, pushing themselves to exhaustion, suffer from the fact that they have no menstruation.

• Sharp climate change. Also a very common reason.

• Increased physical and emotional stress.

• Taking medication.

The delay of seven months or more without pregnancy requires a medical examination in order to understand whether there is a failure in hormones or gynecological diseases.

Important point! If a woman has entered a certain age, when she has a menopause, the delay is normal. Also, the cycle may be irregular in girls during puberty.

Disturbing symptoms

If you have not only a failure of the cycle, but also feeling unwell, pain during a delay of menstruation, dizziness, general weakness or other health problems that are not typical of you even during the period before menstruation, then this is the so-called PMS. Be sure to contact your doctor. You should not wait a week, referring to the fact that 7 days is the norm.

Diseases that may cause a delay:

• Uterine fibroids.

• Polycystic.

• Adnexitis.

• Endometriosis.

Also the cause could be an abortion.

We cannot talk about which medications you need to take. After all, every woman can have completely different reasons, as a result of which menstruation does not occur. You can take any pills only after a visit to the doctor. He must conduct a full examination, you will pass all tests to determine the cause. And only after that you will be prescribed treatment.Pulsatilla with delayed menses

Important point! Self-medication due to delayed menstruation can lead to unpredictable results. After all, if you have problems with hormonal background and you begin to take the appropriate drugs without the knowledge of the doctor, then you are at great risk. Against the background of hormonal disorders, unpredictable processes can begin. Failures threaten to gain weight, problems with conception, and so on.


To date, there are many drugs that will help a woman if she had a delay in menstruation. Reviews of them, of course, the most diverse, so it is recommended to select only with a doctor.

As a rule, when such a problem is prescribed:

• "Postinor".

• "Duphaston".

• "Mifegin".

• "Eskapela" and others.

It is worth considering that many emergency call preparations for menstruation have many side effects. Therefore, uncontrolled reception is dangerous for your health.

A homeopathic remedy can also be prescribed. For example, Pulsatilla for delayed menstruation is one of these drugs. It is created from the extract of medicinal herbs. Widely used in many diseases.

Whatever means is chosen, it must be taken as directed by the doctor.monthly delay


The last thing to say is the treatment of folk remedies. We all need to know that we are surrounded by many healing herbs that help to cope with many ailments.

In order to cause monthly, there are many recipes of traditional medicine. Find them easy. Often they are more effective and safer than medicines. In addition, traditional medicine is much milder effect on the body and have virtually no side effects.

But again we want to repeat the fact that all self-treatment can lead you to an unpredictable result, so consult with your doctor.

So we answered the question of how much a monthly delay can be, and examined what are its causes. Also listed the possible drugs that are prescribed for this problem.The main thing is not to self-medicate, but to visit the gynecologist, so that after the research he has done, he will develop a safe action plan or, if necessary, suggest to wait some time, especially when the time periods for menstruation are small.

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