How Russian defense raises our medicine

When several years ago enterprises of the defense complex decided to finally fight the dominance of foreign medical equipment and all sorts of drugs from abroad, in our market, not many believed that they would succeed. They could understand, they have not yet seen the power of Russian weapons in Syria. And now in the yard in 2017. Russian companies are confidently winning our market and even pumping their muscles to prove themselves already in their territory. So, if in 2010 the ratio of imported equipment and Russian in health care institutions was approximately equal, now the share of domestic equipment is already 66% against 34% of imports. For example, the medical equipment produced by Shvabe in recent years has already replaced foreign analogues in 700 medical institutions, and Pozis medical refrigerators occupy up to 80% of the Russian market. There is a similar trend for drugs, at the moment our share is almost 32%, and in real terms - 69% and will only grow.And what we will see in the near future, when we get to the doctor, I will show today, thanks to the BIOTECHMED-2017 conference, thanks to which I discovered a new promising industry and received another reason to be proud of our industry.

2. Let me remind you that BIOTECHMED-2017 is the flagship platform in the field of biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, and health care in general. Here in one place gather representatives of business and government, as well as industry experts. The first time this conference was held last year in sunny Gelendzhik. The conference is supported by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Rostec State Corporation. This year, the Ministry of Agriculture joined this glorious company.

An excellent testimony to the fact that the defense industry has come seriously and for a long time, and that somewhere in secret laboratories the next surprises are being prepared for the industry, at least this volume is a catalog from the NGO Conversion.
NPO Conversion was specially created in May 2017 by the National Center for Informatization (a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation) and the Federal Center for Project Finance of Vnesheconombank.It is a single center of competence in analytics, marketing, project management, consulting and industrial design for all defense enterprises. Interests in the civil sphere and to promote relevant products is also assigned to this structure. With regard to medicine, the NGO Conversion is also involved in the implementation of ecosystem projects, in particular, "E-health", "Smart City" and "Industrial Internet".
This medical catalog contains 84 organizations. Among them, there are enterprises operating under the flag of Rostec Group (Russian Electronics JSC, Shvabe JSC, KRET JSC, Avtomatika Concern JSC), and other 37 organizations. They told about 347 of their new medical products, including ophthalmic, dental, anesthetic and respiratory medical devices.

4. The largest Russian defense industry enterprises that have recently relied on the production of civilian medical products.

The integrated holding company "Ruselectronics" presented here, in Gelendzhik, a new technology that allows to recreate the lost organs of the face.Here we have the first prototype of the exoprosthesis. It is intended for patients with congenital and acquired maxillofacial defects. Such prostheses made on an individual 3D-model and at the same time repeating skin tint are almost indistinguishable, both externally and to the touch. They will replace the missing parts of the face, and they will be fixed with magnets or with the help of glue. There are statistics that every year about 25 thousand people in our country need correction of maxillofacial defects.

The production of such titanium plates and fasteners has been established on the basis of Krasnoyarsk “Scientific and Production Enterprise Radiosvyaz” (it is part of the holding company “Roselectronika” JSC (Rostec)) and the manufacturer of silicone prostheses and their installation is engaged in Zubnik professor dentistry.

Another very cool thing from the "NPP" Radio "is this device, which is designed for accelerated healing of wounds. The device performs vacuuming and sanitation of wounds and surgical sutures, and also reduces the inflammatory process and at the same time accelerates their healing 3 times. In short, it works like this. The device doses an antiseptic solution to the wound and relieves inflammation with the help of negative pressure.At the same time, it is possible to dose out, both liquid and negative pressure. The amount of antiseptic in the wound is also constantly monitored. There are simply no analogues in the world at the moment. Of course, for now this is only an experimental copy (at least, which can be shown in the light), but I am sure that in the very near future this necessary and unique invention will certainly save more than one life. The enterprise is ready to start their mass production in the first half of 2018. This device can be used in abdominal, thoracic, burn surgery, traumatology and other areas of medicine. The theoretical need of only one large medical institution can be at least 50 such devices.

Anthropomorphic bionic prostheses developed by the Institute of electronic control machines. I.S. Brooke, were presented last year, it turns out, this model is already with a certain upgrade, and I did not immediately notice. Also this year, we managed to reduce the cost a little, which means that for many they will become even more accessible. Let's see what will happen on this front next year.

Rostec is also currently conducting testing of “digital drugs” based on nanoconstructions, which without surgical intervention can destroy cancer cells under the action of an alternating magnetic field. The introduction of such technologies into a wide practice requires a cycle of preclinical and clinical studies, which can take from five to seven years. However, especially seriously ill patients suffering from deadly cancer, such operations can be carried out according to a simplified procedure after 2-3 years based on the informed consent of the patient.

10. Various drugs and substrates of cancer treatment.

Another novelty from the Krasnoyarsk company JSC NPP Radiocommunity is this device, which allows early detection of cancer by determining the concentration of protein markers in the blood (up to 6 different biomarkers). Well done, an excellent and necessary topic, and this despite the fact that the main specialization of the plant is the development and production of noiseproof satellite communication stations and troposphere stations.

12. Neuroheckair for mobile encephalograph, developed by the same INEUM them. I.S. Brooke.

Another revolutionary theme. Here in these test tubes is a special spray with aptamers, which is a real breakthrough in the fight against brain cancer. Sprayed on the affected tissue, the spray allows the surgeon to see the tumor with special glasses and remove it completely without residue. The first three experimental operations on the basis of the Krasnoyarsk Clinical Hospital have already been carried out and their results are very impressive.

14. JSC Ryazan State Instrument-Making Plant is the largest Russian enterprise for mass production and maintenance of radar systems and communications equipment, but they know a lot about medicine.

15. Instruments for measuring intraocular pressure, on the right a new model from Ryazan Instrument Plant

16. Magnetotherapeutic ophthalmologic apparatus designed for the treatment of eye diseases by the combined effect of a gentle magnetic field.

If last year the Shvabe holding company surprised with its unique MIM-340 laser microscope, as well as with neonetal and resuscitation equipment, this year it was relied on the so-called “electronic doctor” with artificial intelligence to diagnose cardiovascular diseases.This is a whole intellectual complex that allows you to monitor a person’s condition and issue diagnoses based on a cardiogram, as well as automatically propose forms of treatment. And this is not an experimental history, and these technologies are tested in 14 regions of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.


Also from the new products they presented a 12-channel wireless electrocardiograph with automatic decoding and support for Internet telemetry. The capabilities of the device allow you to remove the ECG and get a medical opinion in no more than 5 minutes. Here it is - real telemedicine in action, and not in words. Such complexes are already installed in ambulance cars and clinics in some regions of Russia.

Automatic external defibrillator, manufactured at the Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant (Yekaterinburg, goes to the holding company "Shvabe"). They will be installed in shopping centers, stadiums and other public places in order to provide first aid to those suffering from heart disease before the arrival of doctors. The device itself is quite easy to use. You need to open the box, tear off the bag and stick the electrodes, then follow the voice prompts.The device itself determines the rhythm, and if the rhythm is deadly, it says: press the red button. After this, defibrillation will occur. By the way, at a price it is 2.2 times cheaper than foreign analogues. And its weight is only 2.6 kg.


22. The St. Petersburg company NIPK Electron showed its X-ray machine, a device for ultrasound and an ultrasound machine.

23. How does the eye rejoice that everything is in Russian.


JSC “Production Association“ Sergo Plant ”(POZIS) from Tatarstan, for a minute, the manufacturer of small-caliber ammunition and part-time factory, producing large household appliances, also could not resist and presented on Biotechmed its line of refrigeration equipment, in particular for the storage of immunobiological preparations . After all, however, the vaccine was created, and in fact it still needs to be delivered intact to the patient. So, their refrigerators are so good that, for the price and their characteristics, they calmly give odds to foreign counterparts. I especially want to mention their prototype of the refrigerator for storage of vaccines VacProtect VPA-200. And if you are healthy, like a bull, and a great lover of wine, then you just can not resist from such a cabinet for storing wines SHV-52 POZIS in an array of oak.

26The company "Elta" produces portable blood glucose meters since 1993 under the trademark "Satellite" also could not resist and presented their new products, in particular the Glucometer "Satellite Express".

27. Pharmasyntez is an entire group of companies that specializes in the development and production of anti-tuberculosis, anti-tumor, anti-retroviral drugs and hospital antibiotics. Included in the TOP-3 of the fastest growing Russian pharmaceutical companies.




31. Vikram Punia, President of Pharmasintez, is considering with great interest new drugs developed with the direct support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

32. Since 2009, 62 Russian drugs have been registered, only this year, 18 of them are brought to the market.

33. And this is the stand of the company Biokard. This is the largest biotechnology company in Russia for the full cycle of drug development: from the search for a molecule to mass production. They specialize in the production of drugs for the treatment of the most complex diseases, such as cancer, HIV, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

34. With Dmitry Morozov, CEO of Biotechnology Company Biocard.Between us, I asked for a visit to the plant, but still there is not a single report from this sector in my blog. Well, like you, does our medicine have a future? Personally, having been in this atmosphere, I will answer unambiguously - yes, but that’s not all, next time I’ll tell you about the main trends of the industry, to be continued ...

How was the BIOTECHMED conference last year:
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