How to become a volunteer?

Volunteers are people who are willing to voluntarily and free of charge to provide all possible assistance in different directions. People are different: both young and old, both courageous and very indecisive - the main thing, they are united by the desire to be someone's helpers, to voluntarily carry out activities useful for society. Let's figure out how to become a volunteer, what is required for this, and "who to ask."

I want to become a volunteer, but ...

And these "but" a lot. People of our time are often shy of their humanity, kindness, or nobility, such is society. It’s not unambiguous, but nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of our mode of vital activity acts destructively, bringing up such base features as greed, cowardice, individuality.

But we do not consider ourselves to be such people. And what prevents us from becoming volunteers? Most often, these are rational calculations, such as whether I will stay in profit, or not. If material - no. We want to share, share our warmth, attention, time ... and we are not looking for a way to make money.

The question here is the human qualities inherent in you, and the desire to cultivate them in yourself. But let's define a little the whole width of the range of volunteer activities.

What do volunteers do?

A short list of feasible cases, on the example of one St. Petersburg volunteer organization:

  • Fundraising for the needs of sick children.
  • Organization of holidays and various events.
  • Direct communication with sick children is moral encouragement.
  • Remote assistance - for example, the transfer of documents, analyzes ...
  • Spread of information. After telling friends about this activity, in the future we will get more volunteers!

Interested in becoming a volunteer in Moscow? Here is a link to the official website.

There you can find all the information you need, as well as contacts for communication if something is not clear.

Oh sport, you are the world! What is this newspaper slogan? Everyone knows that in 2014 the Winter Olympic Games will be held. Our interest is also justified by the fact that our homeland will be the venue for them - Russia, in particular, the city of Sochi. And any Olympic Games require tremendous effort ... Here we remember about volunteers.

How to become a Sochi 2014 volunteer, if you have little idea what it is? First you need to read all the comprehensive information on the link:.

I will give a few excerpts to interest. Your age does not matter: 18 you or 52 - it does not matter! If you want to help organize the Games, you are welcome. About the "competition". Yes, there will undoubtedly be many who want to help, all the more, volunteering at the Games can bring not only moral hardening, but also experience, later not superfluous. So, the required number of volunteers is 25,000. Not much, not enough, but the chance is high. Fill out the form by clicking on "Become a volunteer." After filling it out, wait for the letter to the e-mail box, with instructions for your further actions. As for the type of activity - the spectrum is wide, everything is needed, ranging from journalists and cooks to system administrators.

Now that you know how to become a volunteer, we hope this information will not only be learned, but also applied.

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