How to bring down the temperature of folk remedies

Increasing body temperature is a natural reaction of the body to various diseases. Moreover, it is our protection. Increasing the temperature, the body kills pathogens and viruses. Therefore, before grabbing for antipyretic, it is worth considering. Maybe you need to give a little more time to fight. In addition, in your arsenal there are also folk remedies for temperature, which often help not worse than imported medicines.

When is it better to shoot down

Normally, the thermometer should not rise above 36.6 degrees. But 37 is not a reason to clutch at all. As a rule, in the morning the temperature is slightly lower, and in the evening it rises slightly. But a small deviation from the norm says only that the body is trying to regulate the internal processes. Perhaps there is a slight inflammation, but for now he can correct the situation on his own. Folk remedies for temperature are sparing methods, but they should not be used until the thermometer reaches the level of 38 degrees.

folk remedy for temperature

Keep cool

Of course, you will not remove the inflammatory process with this, but if the sick person, and especially a small child, is over-wrapped, then it will be more difficult to alleviate his condition. This is especially important if the thermometer shows already 39 or more degrees. The first folk remedy for temperature is water.

It is necessary to undress the patient. Remove the thick blanket, the diaper must be removed from the child. You can use a slightly damp sheet. She can wrap the body for a few minutes. If the room is very hot, then try to move the patient to the bathroom. Put the mattress on the floor and arrange the patient. The optimum temperature is 20 degrees, plus light clothing to take off the extra heat.

cough without fever

Take a bath

They say that the patient is forbidden to bathe. But if the thermometer shows already 40, then you don’t have to choose. Type the bath in such a way that the water is pleasant for the body, but not hot, but only warm. A cold bath will increase chills and increase the temperature. The skin should be massaged properly. Usually after 20 minutes the temperature drops by 1 degree.

Drinking mode

What is a folk remedy for temperature is the most effective? Of course, drink more water. In this state, the body quickly dehydrated. This is especially true of young children.If breastfeeding persists, then this is great. Otherwise, the baby must be actively fed from the bottle. For adults, simply offer soda water more often. Refrain from sugary drinks.


Treating the temperature with folk remedies often involves the use of acid. Remember how in childhood mom did you such compresses. Dissolve one part vinegar in five parts water. This liquid should be moistened with a napkin and wipe the abdomen, neck, forehead and limbs. It is recommended to repeat the procedure every hour.

Instead of vinegar, you can use a decoction of yarrow. To do this, take two tablespoons of dry raw materials and pour two cups of boiling water. After 10 minutes, you can strain and use for compresses.

we treat the temperature of folk remedies


To reduce the temperature of folk remedies can be using this method. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it works flawlessly. In this case, not just water is introduced, but a hypertonic solution. To do this, take a glass of warm, boiled water and dilute one or two teaspoons of salt in it. Babies injected up to 50 ml. With a year can be increased to 100 ml.In 2-3 years it will take 200 ml, for a preschooler 400 ml. A teenager will require an adult dose of 700 ml. Treatment of temperature folk remedies allows the simultaneous use of enemas and rubdowns, which together gives a good effect.


Do not use them if help is needed for a small child. But in all other cases, they can be excellent assistants. Well to sweat - it is already half recovered, because it eliminates intoxication. Sweat remedies will help to provoke sweating. This is a hot tea with lemon and raspberry, cranberry juice and tea with lime blossom. The juice of lingonberry and red currant has a very good effect. In addition to antipyretic, they also have an antimicrobial effect.

In general, vitamin C - is a serious opponent of high temperature. He is in many vegetables and fruits. But most of all it is in wild rose and black currant. It is enough to brew one tablespoon of rosehip with a glass of boiling water. In this case, the body will receive a daily rate of vitamin C.

fever treatment folk remedies

High temperature in a child

Do not forget that these are only recommendations. We need to act on the basis of the situation.If the child is not even a year old, and the temperature is already above the mark of 39 degrees, then you shouldn’t pull further; Waiting for doctors, undress the baby and wipe with water.

If the situation does not pose a threat to life, then you can try to reduce the temperature of a child with folk remedies. And the easiest way is a compress of grated potatoes and vinegar. To cook it, you need to rub two raw potatoes with the peel and add a tablespoon of vinegar. This mass is spread on the fabric and applied to the forehead. Very effective way.

And what to do with coughing

If he appeared on the background of high temperature, then definitely call a doctor. It is extremely difficult to fight with such serious symptoms on your own. Only if the cough in a child without a temperature, folk remedies can be excellent assistants. It should be remembered that coughing is not the disease itself, but only a symptom. Therefore, it is extremely important to establish the cause and only then begin to treat. Therefore, we first call the doctor who will diagnose.

cough without fever than treating folk remedies

With dry cough

He usually accompanies the initial stages of bronchitis and pneumonia. Characterized by a dry cough for laryngitis and other diseases.At the same time he has one feature. Cough is unproductive, that is, despite all efforts, mucus does not move away. He is usually very painful. It is imperative to ensure that the mucus starts to go out and leave the airway. This is the most important condition for the start of recovery.

For this good use and folk remedies. Cough without temperature is quite amenable to correction. The main thing is not to start it and begin to heal immediately. The following procedures have recommended themselves well:

  • Steam inhalation. It is best to add infusion of pine or eucalyptus.
  • Warming rubbing is a classic when dealing with a dry cough. You can use bear or goose fat.
  • Warming compresses. To do this, you can take honey, vodka and sunflower oil in equal proportions. The mixture should be heated in a water bath, soak a napkin and put it on the chest and back.
  • If the child is older, then prepare him a healing drink. It includes a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of butter and one yolk. All mix and give a drink at night.
    reduce the temperature of folk remedies

Method change

Any of these methods gives their results in a few days.As a rule, sputum secretion increases and the child begins to cough more. It does not mean that. what's worse for him On the contrary, purification will entail the improvement of the state and the normalization of sleep. But there is another danger here. Having seen that the treatment gives results, the parents continue to give the same remedy. In fact, as soon as the sputum began to withdraw normally, it is necessary to continue the treatment using other means.

Wet cough treatment

It is not as painful as dry. But if a wet cough does not stop for several days, it means that the disease develops. That is, it is necessary to take measures to neutralize the inflammatory process. And one more condition: the listed funds apply if the cough is without temperature.

bring down the temperature of the child folk remedies

How to treat? Folk remedies offer a large selection of therapeutic measures. Many of them have been tested for centuries. Our parents also offered us such syrups in childhood:

  • Onions with honey. You can cut a hollow in a large onion, or simply cut it into cubes in a cup and put a spoonful of honey. Take a teaspoon every hour.
  • Radish with honey.Similarly, a cavity is cut and a spoon of honey is put inside. You can drink accumulated juice one teaspoon.
  • Cabbage juice. To do this, twist the sheets in a meat grinder and squeeze. In a glass of juice, add a spoonful of sugar. Take a teaspoon every hour.
  • Inhalation using boiled potatoes.
  • Decoction of figs. For its preparation, 20 g of fruit should be added 600 g of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Take 100 ml three times a day.
  • Dissolve warm milk with mineral water and take a glass four times a day.
    cough herbs

Barking Cough Treatment

This term is called the hardest cough, which comes seizures. For his treatment is proposed to use the following collection. Take linden, chamomile and thyme. It will take a teaspoon of all three herbs. Pour a glass of boiling water. Insist should be within 20 minutes, then strain. This infusion should be taken 100 ml three times a day. You can add some honey. This will not only improve the taste, but also enhance the bactericidal properties.

If the improvement does not occur within two days or the temperature rises, you should not experiment with traditional methods of treatment further.The modern pharmaceutical industry can offer a large number of effective and fairly safe drugs to reduce the temperature and cough treatment.

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