How to calculate the foundation?

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How to calculate the foundation?

The construction of any home always begins with the laying of its foundation. This basis, without which the house will not fully exist. Foundation calculation is a time-consuming procedure, requiring maximum concentration and attention. After all, if it is a pledge of construction, you need to count everything accurately and efficiently (in terms of building materials).

By the time you are going to lay the foundation of the house, you should already have a phased plan, the project of the house. This procedure cost can be equated to a quarter of the cost of building the whole house. Therefore, even with the aim of saving costs, it is worthwhile to take care of everything in advance.

Why do you need a foundation? This is an important part of the building, because thanks to it the load on the ground is evenly distributed.

How to calculate the foundation for the house

There are several types of foundations for the home: tape (most popular), columnar, tiled, as well as the foundation of shallow recess.

Our recommendations are suitable for all types of foundations, but it is important to remember that your construction project is what you need to be guided by.Make a decision about what kind of foundation you want to lay, and proceed to the calculations. The basic data that will be needed to calculate any type of foundation is given below.

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a deep analysis of the site on which it is planned to build a house. For this you need:

  1. Find information about the level and depth of groundwater and groundwater.
  2. Determine the type of soil on the land.
  3. Be aware of how deep the ground freezes.
  4. Get information about how hard the building is “crushing” on the foundation of the house.

Internet resources now offer automated base calculation, including the cost of materials and finance for the construction of a house or any other structure. For example, on the site you can use the foundation calculator. All you need is to enter the primary data (length, width, depth of the foundation and walls of the house, the cost of 1 kg or 1 unit of building materials, the number of levels, bars, etc.).

But it is important to understand that there may be some errors in such calculations. Therefore, it will be possible to rely on these calculations as approximate ones and check everything repeatedly.

How to calculate the size of the foundation


This instruction is suitable for calculating the parameters of the strip and other types of foundations.

It is said that to calculate the size of the foundation will need knowledge of mathematics and physics. It is necessary to do with great accuracy all measurements on the tape - the length, width, depth of the foundation. Such calculations should be included in your architectural project. And they depend on the size of the site on which you want to build the structure, the number of rooms and floors in the house and other factors.

How to calculate the load on the foundation

This procedure consists of two main phases - the calculation of the carrying capacity and the calculation of the deformation of the soil. And if the first phase can be calculated independently, thenFoundationThe second is strongly recommended to produce a team of experienced professionals. Yes, it will be an additional expense, but the only way you can be sure that your foundation will serve for a long time and reliably.

Calculation of bearing capacity produced by the following plan:

  1. We determine the weight of the house, taking into account the load of snow, internal elements (interior decoration, walls, windows and doors, roof, stairs, furniture, household appliances, the maximum number of people who will be in the house and any other elements), and also we need to know the level basement pressure on the ground.All parameters and approximate weight can be found on the Internet, for example, on the site.
  2. We calculate the size of the foundation that we need to build.
  3. We carry out the correction of preliminary calculations.

How to calculate the volume and depth of the foundation

To calculate the depth of the foundation will need the following data:Foundation

  • soil quality at the construction site;
  • groundwater level;
  • pressure at home;
  • freezing ground in this area.

These are basic parameters. Assessing them, you can determine the size of the foundation and the consumption of materials for it. You will also need a house project, which you should have as an action plan.

How to calculate concrete, cement and reinforcement on the foundation

An online materials calculator for the foundation for both internal and external walls can help in this matter. When we have already calculated the dimensions of our foundation and know all the parameters, we can proceed to the calculation of materials.

There are many sites that offer material costing services. You can use the following sites:

  • - on this site you can calculate the costs of all materials, including beams and other fittings, water, cement, sand, crushed stone, and even the number of machines that will be needed in order to pour concrete.
  • - this site offers to calculate the amount of concrete that will be needed, based on the perimeter of the future structure, its height,Foundationthe width and brand of concrete to be used.
  • - on this site you can find out how much cement, sand, rubble and water you need to make a fixed amount of concrete of a certain brand. To do this, we add concrete volumes and a grade to special cells, and the calculator does the rest.
  • designed specifically for the calculation of reinforcement for the foundation. Here are two options for calculating the reinforcement: the first calculates the weight, volume, weight of 1 m and rod units, and the second - the length and the remaining parameters. The difference between the two calculators is that one of them counts by the known length of the reinforcement, and the other by volume. Remember that for different types of foundation you need a different amount of materials, so clearly follow your architectural plan.

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