How to check the BU of the laptop when buying: tips and tricks

A laptop is an expensive thing, and therefore the first reasonBuying a BU laptop - saving, because the price of such a device is usually 30-50% lower than the new one. However, a barrel of honey can spoil a fly in the ointment, and the money saved will have to be spent on repairing the device. How to check the BU notebook at purchase in order to minimize the risk, will be told in this article.


Before meeting with the seller, ask him, do notthe warranty has expired. Having the possibility of free repair and, having seen a few critical shortcomings, you do not have to worry, because repair in this case is not your concern, it will be done by the manufacturer or the seller.

There is still such an option that the company,which sells BU laptops, is ready to provide a guarantee, but its time in this case will be small - 2-3 months. This time is quite enough to identify the main shortcomings, if you are not well versed in the technology and can not verify it in a short time.

Cracks and chips

how to check your laptop when buying

First of all, the verification of the LB of the laptop shouldstart with his visual inspection. The chips and cracks indicate that the device was dropped or beaten, and this could result in damage to internal components. Microcrack on the motherboard does not show itself immediately, but if it is available after a couple of months of use, the laptop may fail.

If there is no serious damage, but the appearancethe body spoils scratches, you can say that the seller handled his laptop neatly. From scratches it is impossible to save any laptop, even if you always carry it in your bag.

How to check the BU of the laptop when purchasing: the second step

Turn on the laptop and wait for Windows to boot. Slightly press down on the main part of the laptop or try to slightly bend it. Similar actions should also be performed with respect to the screen cover. If the laptop was used inaccurately, contacts from the motherboard can go away. In this case, the device hangs or a few broken pixels appear on the screen.

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A broken pixel is a black dot on themonitor. It looks like this because it does not display one or more gamut colors. If such a point is located at the edge of the screen, it is unlikely to interfere with comfortable work. Even new cheap laptops can have several broken pixels, and manufacturers do not hide it. On the contrary - they say that 3-5 black points on the matrix - the norm, more - marriage.

If the crystal has lost its properties due to inaccurate operation, there is a high probability that new black dots will appear regularly next to it.

So how to check the BU notebook when buying on a brokenpixels can be using special programs, it is worth downloading one of them to a USB flash drive, at the same time it will be possible to find out if the USB ports are damaged. The application will fill the screen with different colors, and the user only needs to look at the screen to notice the flaw.

Accumulator battery

gaming laptop bu

Connect the charger to the laptop. Look at the icons in the tray. The operating system must notify the user of the connection of the computer to the network. If in the lower right corner of the screen an information message appears about the need to replace the battery, it means that it has served its time, and it is not worth waiting for a long time in the offline mode.

Now disconnect the laptop from the network and work forlaptop. It is desirable to know the actual operating time of the device when powered by a battery. If the computer turns off, when the OS talks about a charge of 20 percent or more, the battery will soon have to be replaced.

Pay attention to the indicator in the tray, if afterDisconnecting the memory from the machine its indication does not change, probably in the laptop the socket is defective. If, after connecting the device to the network, the charge does not start immediately or after a while it stops before the connector wakes up, which means the computer needs repair.

Keyboard and Touchpad

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When giving advice when buying a laptop, you can not ignore such important things as a keyboard and a touchpad. And if the latter can easily be replaced with a mouse, replacing the keyboard will require special skills.

Open a text editor. It's best not to use hot keys, but to launch it from the Start menu. This way you can check how well the touchpad works. In the notebook, you should first print each letter, and then try typing the text. Do not forget to check the numbers and buttons "TAB", "ENTER", "SPACE", "DEL", "HOME", "END", "PG_DOWN", "PG_UP".

To test other buttons, use the standard Windows hotkey set.

Laptop for games

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The gaming laptop BU, among other things, needschecking the cooling system. This operation can be performed using special software, but it is much easier to install and run some "heavy" game.

If after 10-20 minutes of operation in this modeThe computer starts to malfunction or turns off, then the cooling system does not cope with its work. Too hot air blown out by the cooler from the laptop also indicates a malfunction. Be careful, cheap laptops for games are often sold because of overheating.

Listen to the fan noise. During its operation, there should be no sound of rattling or grinding. Just a strong buzz says that the radiators after the purchase will have to be cleaned. This is a rather complicated operation that requires special skills and knowledge, for its performance the computer will have to be given for several days to the service center, which will lead to additional expenditure of money.


One of the simplest tests is a sound check. Take with you a USB drive with several music tracks and try to play them in the player. If there is no sound, there are two options - missing drivers or "iron" malfunction. In the first case, exclamation marks will be displayed in the device manager in front of one or more items.


This article described how to test the VMnotebook when buying. I must say that the above is general and incomplete information. Trifles that may require close attention are much more. If you do not have knowledge and skills at least at the level of an advanced user, the risk of buying a device with a flaw is very high. In this case, you play the lottery.

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