How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use?

For quite a while, screwdrivers came to replace screwdrivers. If earlier these devices had a fairly high price, today almost everyone can afford to buy such a tool home or to work. But since choosing a cordless screwdriver is not as easy as it may seem at first glance, you need to turn to professionals for to choose a cordless screwdriver

What should every consumer know?

This power tool is simply irreplaceable when performing repair and construction works. The question arises: "What about screwdrivers?" If modern construction organizations used such equipment, the construction or repair of the object would be delayed for a long time. As for use in everyday life, then for a more comfortable tightening or unscrewing of the screws, it is necessary to use such equipment.As you have already understood, the screwdriver works in a narrow direction, or more precisely, with fasteners such as screws, screws and dowels. But it was so before, today for an additional fee you can purchase several nozzles, and the tool can partially replace the drill. Let's take a closer look at how to choose a cordless screwdriver, and what you need to pay attention to first.

how to choose a screwdriver for home

AC and battery tools

A power screwdriver can be used wherever there is a power outlet. In the case of the absence of a power source, you are unlikely to be able to twist or unscrew something. Here comes to the aid of the battery. It is safe to say that this solution gives more opportunities to its owner. For example, there is no sense in buying a battery-operated hammer, but the situation is different with screwdrivers. Of course, the battery must be periodically charged, but more often than not, you get two batteries in the kit, so this should not cause any problems. There is a socket or not - for you it will not matter, since you simply do not need it.Of course, over time, the battery will keep charging worse and worse, but, most likely, by this time you will have time to change the tool to a similar, but more powerful and functional one.

How to choose a drill-screwdriver? Step-by-step instruction

how to choose a drill screwdriverThere are a number of parameters that are worth paying attention to first. The main one is power. It should be noted that 500-700 W is quite enough for domestic use, but for the construction work it will take about 1,300 W. There are special drills to work in hard to reach places, their power is slightly less, about 400 watts. The number of revolutions is another important indicator. If 3,000 rpm is enough for work at home, 4,000–4,500 rpm is required for construction work. Regardless of the goals, it is desirable to give preference to the model with the ability to adjust the speed, so you can adjust to the specifics of the work, because different materials need different speeds. Do not forget that the powerful tool rotates the drill faster, but the price increases in direct proportion. However, this is not all that can be said about how to choose a drill-screwdriver, so let's deal with the issue to the end.

More about choosing the right one

When buying, it is always necessary to specify the diameter of the holes that the tool can make. But here you need to understand that for each hole this indicator will be its own, so be more guided by what you will work with. If you want to get a hole of this diameter, to work with which the drill is not intended, you risk putting the unit out of operation. Depending on your preferences, choose the type of cartridge. Now available gear (fixed key) and quick-clamping (fixed hands) cartridges. There are practically no fundamental differences. Now you know what a cordless drill / driver is. How to choose the device we figured out, so let's go ahead and talk about the batteries to choose a professional screwdriver

About Li-ion batteries

It is safe to say that the type of battery plays a huge role. Currently, this type of battery is one of the most popular and common. The lithium-ion battery is used not only in screwdrivers or drills, but also in other construction tools, as well as in portable devices (laptop, mobile phone, etc.).P.) From this we can draw an uncomplicated conclusion that there are many advantages here. One of them is durability. When used properly, a lithium-ion battery is rated for 3,000 charges / discharges. The maximum shelf life is approximately 3 years. It is difficult to say whether this is good or bad, but as practice shows, this is quite enough. And how to choose a cordless screwdriver? Everything is simple: buy a good battery with a large capacity - and you will be happy. But do not forget that for normal operation it is necessary to constantly use the device, so periodically you need to use a screwdriver, at least for prevention. But there are other types of batteries, which we now talk about.

How to choose a battery for a screwdriver? Ni-Cd

Nickel-cadmium battery is the most cost-effective solution that can be. The number of charges / discharges is twice less than that of a lithium-ion battery, and is about 1.5 thousand, but the service life is somewhat longer - about 5 years. The main advantage of the Ni-Cd-battery is that it works perfectly at low temperatures, so you can safely operate the device until the thermometer mark drops below -15 degrees Celsius. But there are many negative sides.For example, long charging time. Although in some cases it can not be called a disadvantage. This is due to the fact that when you buy a screwdriver with such a battery in the kit, you will get 2 batteries. Therefore, while one will be on charge, the second can be used. But even despite the low cost, you need to follow some rules: keep the battery only charged, as well as fully charge and discharge it. This is due to the fact that the nickel-cadmium battery has a memory to choose a battery for a screwdriver

Ni-Mh: advantages and disadvantages

Ni-Mh (nickel-metal hydride) batteries are quite rare in modern screwdrivers. At its core, this is something between the two above-described batteries. Among the drawbacks, it is worth highlighting the large weight and a small number of charge / discharge cycles (1 000). The term of work is on average 4 years. As for the merits, this is the absence of a memory effect and minimal self-discharge during storage. However, despite this, before first use it is recommended to fully charge and then discharge the battery. Do not forget to pay attention to the capacity, which is measured in Ah (Amp-hours).The larger the indicator, the longer the battery will perform its immediate task. In order to understand how to choose the right drill driver, you need to decide on the type of battery. If you do it right, you will not experience any problems.

What to choose for industrial purposes?

And now let's talk a little about how to choose a professional screwdriver. The fact is that it is important to pay attention not only to the power and type of battery, but also to the presence of useful additional features, and there are plenty of them in modern models. Often this should be a lightweight model that is suitable for working in hard-to-reach places without any problems, while the worker will not tire too quickly due to the large weight of the tool. By the way, with regard to the type of battery, it is definitely a lithium-ion. In the construction will be very useful impact mechanism. This feature is extremely relevant when drilling a stone or brick. Professional builders or repairmen are often faced with the fact that there is no way to properly rest against the hole. Worse, it happens that the screw is stuck in place and neither here nor there.We have to start all over again. In order not to experience this kind of inconvenience, an impulse is needed. This function temporarily increases the torque, which allows you to get out of a predicament. Working in low light conditions means poor performance and low accuracy. To resolve this issue, buy a backlit instrument. Well, that's all you can say about how to choose a cordless screwdriver for professional use.

About ammunition and gearboxes

how to choose a good screwdriverToday on the market there are screwdrivers with the following types of cartridges:

  • Quick release (three-cam with a clamping range of not more than 1.3 centimeters).
  • Hexagon. In this case, it is possible to work with a large shank of inch.

Quick-release chucks are more common due to their practicality. No problem, you can use any suitable diameter tooling. If you buy a cartridge with a large diameter, then the screwdriver will have more opportunities. As for the six-sided options, this is a good solution for a professional tool, where frequent replacement of equipment is required and there is a need to work in hard-to-reach places.In principle, from all of the above, we can make a quite logical conclusion: a quick-release chuck is suitable for a home, and a six-sided one for professional use. As for the gear, then everything is pretty simple. Gears come in two options: plastic and metal. Today, plastic alloys are quite durable and not so expensive. There may be a question about how to choose a screwdriver for the house for this parameter. Plastic is perfect for household purposes, and do not have to overpay. Metal gear will withstand much greater load, so it is better for prof. tool.

Soft and hard torque

This article has already been a little said about the power of the screwdriver. I would like to add this information. The fact is that there is a soft torque. It affects twisting / twisting forces. Often, this parameter does not pay special attention, but in vain. Insufficient effort can lead to the fact that the screw will not twist to the end, and you will have to reach it at the final stage with your hands. Modern models have a fairly large variation in the range of 0-350 Nm.For domestic purposes, 30-150 Nm is enough, for professional purposes, everything above. Hard torque is responsible for the speed during drilling. As a rule, this indicator varies in the range of 1,000–4,000 rpm. Let's look at everything with an example. A screwdriver with a torque of 35 Nm is able to twist a self-tapping screw 70 mm long into a tree, and for a 100 mm long self-tapping screw, a force of 50 Nm is required. After that, you should be extremely clear how to choose a cordless screwdriver.

how to choose a drill screwdriver


As you can see, there is nothing complicated. The most important thing is to single out for yourself the basic parameters, such as power, torque, battery type, capacity, etc. Having carefully analyzed all this, you can easily make a thoughtful and most importantly - the right choice. Do not forget that the tools for home and professional use are very different, therefore, experts often prefer more powerful and functional models. In this article, you learned about what a cordless drill / driver is, how to choose a tool and not make a mistake. Currently, the best manufacturers are the following companies: Bosch, Skil, DeWALT, etc.A screwdriver with the inscription of one of these firms on the case will cost a lot, but in return you will receive high quality, excellent ergonomics and just a good tool. Here, perhaps, all that can be said about how to choose a good screwdriver.

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How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use 16

How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use 78

How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use 55

How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use 53

How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use 17

How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use 82

How to choose a cordless screwdriver - professional and for home use 48