How to choose an air rifle

Consider the bullet ejection mechanism

The mechanism of a bullet ejection system is one of the key parameters of a pneumatic screw, since it is precisely this that determines the power of firing and the speed of a bullet. In air rifles, this is influenced by the ways in which the air is compressed, which affects the bullet. All existing air rifles have the following types of systems:

  • Spring-piston mechanism.

This is the most famous type of mechanisms for shooting single shots with a barrel refraction. Each time after the shot it is necessary to break the barrel in order to put a bullet in it and to tension the spring for the next shot. These are usually not expensive models of rifles. They are short-lived and relatively quickly fail. A frequent problem is the reduction of accuracy and the uselessness of optical sights.

  • The mechanism of multicompressor type.

Works due to air compression in the chamber. Injection of pressure occurs due to manual movement of the lever, which is located on the side of the rifle or in the form of an integrated forearm.With this lever, you can control the initial speed of the bullet and its flat trajectory. And for the rate of fire, this is a significant minus, since every time it is necessary to pump air into the shot.

  • LPG CO2 mechanisms.

The shot is carried out due to the expansion of carbon dioxide, which is supplied from a special cylinder mounted on a rifle. The number of shots when using one tank with gas is about 100 pieces. The disadvantage of such rifles is impossible simultaneous frequent and accurate shooting. Low power shots compensates for the multiply charged gun.

  • PCP (pre-pumped).

It is a combination of multicompressor and gas cylinder mechanisms. Cylinders on PCP rifles contain high-pressure gas (more than 200 atmospheres). Such a system is used to produce expensive rifles for sports purposes. At the same time, it is an excellent weapon for hunters. Such rifles, according to their characteristics, are sufficiently accurate and powerful, have low recoil and noiselessness.

The sight is one of the important components of a rifle.

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