How to choose boots-dummies? Boots-dummies: reviews

Without winter boots, one can not do without the conditionsRussian winter. Shoes on the fur - it is, of course, comfortable and beautiful, but warmer foot is always in high shoes. It's not a secret for anyone that bologna boots have become firmly established in fashion, and such models are relevant not only for children and adolescents, but also for older ages. To spend the whole winter in boots, without experiencing discomfort, you need to know how to choose duffle boots.Boots

Women's Winter Boots

To choose the right footwear for the winter, you shouldtake into account not only the form, the material of the boots, but also their own kind of activity. Some models of shoes are not suitable for people working in the office, school or other educational institution. It's about shoes in a sporty style. Duffy boots also do not suit everyone. This type of winter footwear is preferred mainly by female students. After all, in the dummies it is comfortable, warm, and they are very fashionable.

How to choose a winter footwear

There are a number of general rules for selecting a wintershoes, from whatever material it was made. First, you should pay attention to the sole. It should not be too thin, because its main function is to protect the feet from the cold. Also, the sole should not slide. Try to choose a rubberized sole, soft, not breaking in the hands. Secondly, you need to carefully look at the seams. Especially it concerns such footwear, as boots-dummies, after all in them seams especially it is a lot of. There should not be any missing lines stitching the thread. The seams should be smooth and of good quality, otherwise the boots can lose their appearance. Third, you need to choose the right size. If you can also carry autumn boots or ankle boots, then it is not worth taking risks with winter footwear. Tight boots will reap and rub your foot, in addition, the foot in such shoes freezes much faster. Shoes, of course, have a property to wear, but still it is necessary to take their own size. Boots the size of a larger buy is also risky, because the fur will settle, will come, and they can become too big. Therefore, count everything in advance, so as not to be disappointed in the choice.Winter boots women's winter boots

Be sure to look at the material of the boots. If they are for every day, it is better to choose what is convenient and practical. Suede - not the most suitable option for casual shoes, because it is quite difficult to follow. Boots, dummies, in principle, do not require any special care, so they can be worn all winter without problems.

Who does not fit Bolognese boots

This type of footwear has a number of limitations. Duffy boots (customer testimonials confirm this) are not very suitable for those who spend the lion's share of the day indoors, without having the opportunity to change their shoes. In them, the legs breathe worse than in shoes made of genuine leather and fur.

How to choose duthics

To properly choose the dummies, you need to understand, inwhat period they will be worn. For socks in the spring-winter period it is necessary to choose such models, in which the sole and a considerable part of the fur are rubberized. Otherwise, slush your feet will become wet. You need to pay attention to the sole. It should be thick and embossed to improve grip with a slippery winter surface. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the material. The upper part of the textile footwear should be sufficiently dense and treated with special means that hold moisture. Too gentle tissue can tear at the first mechanical impact. Inside boots can be with artificial or with natural fur. On this depends the price of shoes, comfort. In boots with natural sheep wool, the leg will be even warmer and it will sweat less.Children's boots for girls

By the way, recently inflated leather boots appeared. They seem to be practically the same as textile ones. But, of course, they are even more practical and even more stylish.


Many girls mistakenly believe that boots fromBologna fit only to jeans and sports pants. In fact, boots-dummies come in different styles. Recently, on the shelves of shops you can see boots made of similar material on the heel. It looks very unusual and pretty impressive. Such shoes will fit under some styles of skirts and dresses. Also there are duffle boots on a wedge. They are comfortable, practical and at the same time make the figure slimmer and taller.

With what to wear boots made of textiles on a heel or a hill

Not every dress or skirt will looklike shoes organically. It is best to combine such boots with short dresses made of knitwear. Well, if they have any pattern that resembles the Scandinavian (snowflakes, deer, etc.). Such a provocative dress will perfectly match with boots with duck without a heel, if they are not particularly rude. As for the skirt, it should also be quite informal.Ducky boots on a wedgeFor example, a skirt of bologna or with invoicespockets will look organic, but the classic straight or narrowed down, unfortunately, will create in combination with such boots an image of ridiculous. Particular attention should be paid to color. Of course, young girls can experiment and not limit themselves to black, gray or brown. You can choose any tone - from bright pink to light green, green. All options are good, if you know how to correctly beat these shoes. Let's say we put a bright belt in the color of boots or a scarf on a one-color clothing. The main thing is not to overdo it with color, otherwise the whole zest is lost. Boots-dummies should not look obtrusive and tasteless, but playful and at ease.Dumpty boots reviews

Winter boots

For a girl - this is the best option. To children this footwear always is pleasant, after all it warm, soft, bright and beautiful, and to parents too it is good, as well as legs of the favorite child in heat, and expenses are less. Dummies have the property of stretching, so do not buy big boots "for growth" or for that. to wear a thick woolen sock. The boot must be in a time not tight and not too loose. Tight boots do not warm the leg, in addition, when they wear they can tear.Baby boots for girlsChildren's boots for girls are differentlength and with different fasteners. For younger children, it is better to choose velcro shoes. After all, with such a clasp the child is easier to cope with. Moreover, the adhesive tape allows you to adjust the width of the shin depending on the clothes. If you wear tights - you can make a boot already, on thick panties - wider. A tight fit of the shin of the boot to the leg avoids the ingress of snow inside. If the boots are on the lock, then notice the presence of a lace that regulates the width.

Boyish boots of this kind are also very relevant. Their main advantage is that they are easy to clean and clean, because boys are often slovenly girls.

Many firms propose to purchase a similarchildren's shoes. Parents can only choose the size and model. A lot of models. These boots are all colors of the rainbow. In addition, they are applied special prints or applications, so that the boots look even neater.

Customer Reviews

Many buyers who have already chosenboots-dutiki, respond about them positively. Firstly, the shoes are very comfortable. Secondly, at a price much cheaper than leather. Everyone in the arsenal should have boots-dummies in case of a winter trip, rest outside the city, long walks in the frost. Especially well about motherfuckers. The main criterion is the warmth and comfort that such footwear provides.

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