how to choose interior doors

Interior doors, except for their owndirect assignment - the separation of space between adjacent rooms, perform an important role as an element of design. In this regard, when planning or carrying out repairs, there is a pressing question, how to choose interior doors.

First of all, it is necessary to determine not onlytheir appearance, but also a good representation of the requirements to them. Is it necessary to purchase a strong, high-quality door for a very high price, or will it suit a beautiful inexpensive product that, with careful handling, will also last for many years. Interior doors of St. Petersburg are presented in a wide range:
- doors from MDF;
- wooden doors;
- profile doors;
- glass doors.
Doors from MDF are deservedly popularfrom consumers. On a wooden frame, glued from a wooden beam, or a honeycomb structure, glue an MDF array, trimmed with melamine or PVC film. It is possible to finish veneer from various types of wood. MDF material is made from waste wood industry, as a binder used lignin, an environmentally friendly material derived from wood. MDF is easy to process, which opens up ample opportunities for the implementation of design solutions. Doors from MDF, at low cost, are durable, moisture resistant, not subject to deformation over time. Glass inserts give the MDF doors lightness and a pronounced personality.

Wooden doors are made from one-piecewoody massif or from glued boards. When decorating doors, use fine wood veneers. During the manufacturing process, these products undergo several stages of thorough machining and subsequent lacquering. Qualitatively made doors made of wood will be a worthy decoration of any interior. Their only drawback is the high price.

For the production of profile doorsPVC, aluminum or steel. In the profile frame insert a double-glazed window or a sheet of the corresponding material, that is, if the profile is aluminum, then the insert is made of the same metal. As a finishing use laminating or painting. The possibility of using the entire color scale for painting, in the process of manufacturing profile doors, extends the possibilities of design solutions. The main advantages of such products are high resistance to moisture and fire, long life at low cost.

When making glass doors usedifferent types of this material. Glass can be embossed, matte, tinted or mirrored. For framing it is possible to use a wooden frame. The door, made entirely of glass, with stained glass, looks very elegant.

Having the necessary information, it is not difficult to decide how to choose interior doors.

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