How to connect a network card?

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How to connect a network card?

A network card is a device by which a computer connects to a network. Network cards come in two types - USB and PCI. For more information, see What is a Network Card.

It's very simple to connect a USB card yourself: just connect it to your PC using a USB cable. However, such cards are infrequent: PCI models are much more common, with the installation of which you need to tinker a little longer.

To install a PCI network card, follow these steps:

  1. gently remove the plug, which is located on the back of the system unit of your computer and closes the slot where you will install the card;
  2. select the slot to install the card: on the motherboard there are two, both are made of white plastic. It is best to install the network card in the lower slot, because in the upper slot it can be too close to other components (for example, to the fan used to cool the video card);
  3. Insert the card into the socket and secure with a bolt (it should be on the left);
  4. close the cover of the system unit, thenconnect the network cable to the card slot. If everything is done correctly and the card is working, the indicator should blink on it, and after turning on the PC, the operating system will notify you about the appearance of a new device.

And to help in choosing a new network card, you can see how to find out which network card is installed on the PC.

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