How to cook a heart?

Pork or beef heart, a rather specific product, but very tasty and healthy, provided it is cooked properly. Many housewives sooner or later think about how to cook the heart, so that its taste and aroma pleased your loved ones. To make the dish really tasty, it is necessary to cook with some ingredients in mind.

How to cook a pork heart

The heart is composed of muscle tissue, which is distinguished by its special strength and peculiar aroma. In order to finally get a gently cooked heart, it is necessary not only to cook it, but also to simmer it.

Tasty Pork Heart Recipe

Ingredients dishes:

  • pork heart;
  • black pepper;
  • Bay leaf;
  • carrot;
  • onion;
  • leek;
  • beans;
  • parsley;
  • potato;
  • cabbage.

Method of preparation: cut the pig's heart and clean it from blood vessels and films, and rinse under running water. Put a pot of water on the gas, if the vegetables are boiling from the heart of the broth, then boil the water in the kettle. When the water is boiling, put pieces of the heart into it.It is necessary to boil the offal about 10 minutes, then remove and pour boiling water from the kettle.

Drain broth drain, wash the pan from the foam and pour boiling water into it from the kettle. Water needs a little salt and lower the heart there, which will continue to be prepared. All foam that will appear, remove with a slotted spoon, and periodically turn the heart. Boil the heart should be about 2 hours. Before the stock is ready, put carrots, black pepper, bay leaves and parsley. Then put the cleaned onion head. Cool the heart in the broth itself, so as not to have a black peel. Add all the vegetables in the remaining broth, and serve them with a chopped by-product sprinkled with herbs.

How to cook beef heart

You must follow a few rules in the preparation of this by-product:

  1. Before boiling the heart, it should be soaked for 3 hours in water and then rinsed.
  2. After this procedure, place the beef heart in a pot of cold water and set on fire.
  3. When the heart boils, control the appearance of the foam that needs to be removed.
  4. Never salt beef heart during cooking - salt must be already before serving.

After proper preparation, the heart resembles the taste of boiled tongue. The main aspect of preparation is the proper soaking of the heart, which is used to remove all the blood and make the muscle softer. In its structure, the four-chamber beef heart, therefore, it is necessary to make several cuts in the middle of the organ so that a whole unfolded layer is obtained. Rinse the heart under running water and leave for a long time in a saucepan filled with fresh water. After soaking, the heart must be washed again and put to cook for 2-2.5 hours. You can add some celery or cilantro to the broth.

After the heart is ready, cut it into slices and garnish with herbs, salt.

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