How to cook homemade cottage cheese

Having once made home-made cottage cheese, I stopped buying it in stores. Because even in the coolest supermarket, the most expensive farm cottage cheese will not be as fragrant and gentle as it is cooked at home. So, I'll tell you how to make a delicious cottage cheese from cow or goat's milk.
The following questions often arise for those who cook cottage cheese for the first time at home. I will answer them.
1. What kind of milk to make homemade cottage cheese?
Suitable as whole milk, and pasteurized or sterilized. Best and faster sour whole milk. A little pasteurized or sterilized. Not suitable for ultra-pasteurized milk, because it is absolutely dead. If it turns sour, it is not at all the bacteria that are needed for cottage cheese.
Milk can be taken both cow and goat.
2. Do I need to boil milk before putting on souring?
If you take milk from a healthy cow, from proven people, then boiling is not necessary. It will only be necessary to sterilize the finished cottage cheese.
If you buy whole milk on the market, it is better to bring the milk to a boil and turn it off when the first bubbles appear on the surface. The main thing is not to overheat the milk, otherwise the cottage cheese will turn out to be tasteless.
3. How much milk should sour?
From 2 to 4 days. It is necessary to wait for the light green water - whey to depart from the milk. The smell should be pleasant, sour-milk, without bitterness.
4. What to do with serum?
Drink and drink again. This is an incredibly healing product! Useful and tasty, it continues to be up to 2 days. From the third day to the week, the serum can be used for cosmetic purposes or for making pancakes, cakes, etc.
So, let's start cooking homemade curd.
1. Take a jar of milk and put in a warm place. My milk is well sour on the table next to the stove.
How to cook homemade cottage cheese

2. In 2-4 days the milk will turn sour. A layer of sour cream will appear on top, and a greenish transparent serum will be on the bottom and along the walls of the jar. Someone takes sour cream and eats separately. I give it to cats. Although it is very tasty in itself, I'm not a sour cream lover. If you leave the sour cream, the curd will be more bold, and the final whey will be not transparent, but dull-white.But this is no less useful.
3. We take a deep pan, put any cloth on the bottom, for example, a towel (so that the jar does not burst). Put a jar of cottage cheese in a saucepan and pour water. It is desirable that the water level reaches the level of cottage cheese in a bank, but if this does not work out, then at least half of the can. We turn on a weak fire and hold the can for 30 minutes, so that the cottage cheese is sterilized. At the same time, the water should bubble slightly, but not boil, otherwise the curd will be cooked and will be like rubber.
3. Remove the jar from the pan. Separate the curd from the whey in two ways. In any case, we need a gauze of about 30 to 30 cm, folded into 2-4 layers.
- our grandmothers used the first method. They hung a gauze bag with cottage cheese over the pan, the whey flowed, and the curd remained. I prefer this method:
- Take an ordinary steamer and put gauze on the top pan with holes. On cheesecloth pour cottage cheese from the jar. Serum will drain into the bottom pan, and the curd will remain in the gauze.
How to cook homemade cottage cheese

How to cook homemade cottage cheese

4. Serum drains for about 30-40 minutes. Do not speed up the process, squeezing a gauze bag. From strong pressure, the cottage cheese will begin to seep and drain along with the serum. The result will be less than the finished product. Let the serum drain itself. Taste it.It is sour, and most importantly, incredibly useful for the whole body! She is good to wash, wash your hair. This is an indispensable tool for intimate hygiene. No store gel with lactic acid can replace whey! Especially for women who are suffering from thrush.
How to cook homemade cottage cheese

5. Cottage cheese at home is surprisingly tender, juicy and fragrant.
How to cook homemade cottage cheese

How to cook homemade cottage cheese

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