How to copy text in Word?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
April 22, 2013
How to copy text in Word?

If you work in Word, you probably know how to handle text: copy it, move individual blocks, and change the font or line spacing. However, not everyone can easily perform such manipulations. So that the work does not stop, you need to learn the most simple functions of Word, and apply them in action.


How to copy text in Word? To copy a text or its part into the buffer, you first need to select it. There are several possibilities for this.

  • Select with the mouse. Hold down the left key on the first letter of the selected fragment and drag to the desired place.
  • Use the arrow keys: up, down, to the side. Just hold Shift first and do not let it go until the end of the operation.
  • Want to highlight all the text on the page? Hold down the Control key and add A to it (Ctrl + A).
  • Need to select a paragraph? Hold Control, with it Shift, put the cursor on the beginning of the paragraph. Now click the down arrow. Similarly, this can be done from the bottom up. Then use the up arrow, and set the cursor at the end of the paragraph.

Copy and paste

We have highlighted the text. How to copy the text in Word? There are three options.

  • Click the right mouse button, placing the cursor on the selected area. Select the "copy" line from the menu.
  • Or, hold down Control and hold down C (Ctrl + C).
  • At the top left of the document options there is the word "copy." Click on it.

Now you can paste the copied fragment to any place in the document. Or paste it into a new document. Choose one of the options.

  • Right-click on the right place. Choose "insert".
  • Press Control and V (Ctrl + V)
  • At the top left, select "Paste."

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