How to create a zombie server?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
October 5, 2014
How to create a zombie server?

For people who are tired of ordinary Counter-Strike 1.6, there is an excellent solution - Zombie Server, where players are divided into two teams, one of which turns into zombies after the start of the round, and their goal is to infect all human players. The task of living people is to stop the process of infection and kill all the zombies.

On the ZM server there are several game modes and several types of zombies that have different abilities. In addition, players have access to new equipment adapted to this mod, so I think many people will get the idea to create a zombie server in cs to see something new in the old and reliable game.

Installing ZM Server in CS 1.6

For those who want to create a zombie server, it would be nice to get acquainted with the article How to create a CS server, which details what distributions need to be downloaded and what settings to set for the server.

For zombie lovers, I recommend to download the archive immediately, for example:. Good build, which is popular among players.It supports several game modes, the archive contains many maps, the mod is not overloaded with unnecessary plugins.

Phased installation and configuration instructions:

  1. Download the mod at the specified link, extract files from the archive.
  2. Go to the folder: cstrike / addons / amxmodx / configs. Find the users.ini file and create the administrator rights. At the end of the file there is already an administrator: loopback, replace this nickname with your own or prescribe an IP address, if you have a static one. In the second block, we change someone else's password to our own, and also set the necessary flags for ourselves.
  3. We return to the initial folder of the mod and find the exe file: Start the Server. You will see a menu where you can specify various settings: server name, starting card, IP address, number of players, RCON password (treat this password with special care, as this is the main password from the server), and also enable security server anti-cheat VAC.
  4. After selecting the settings, click the button: Start Server. After that a console will appear on the screen in which the installation progress of the plug-ins will be displayed. You should wait for the line: VAC secure mode is activated. Then the console should be closed and run the shortcut: hlds.exe.
  5. A green menu will appear on the screen, verify the settings are correct, then click: Start Server. Everything, you managed to create a zombie server in the CC and it is visible on the network.The server address for connection can be found in the tab: Main - IP Address.

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