How to decontaminate the soil for seedlings. Soil disinfection

A good harvest of vegetables directly depends onquality seedlings. If the plants are stunted, do not wait for a good result. In order for seedlings to grow well, it is necessary to prepare suitable soil for it. On how to prepare and decontaminate the earth for seedlings, let's talk further.

How to prepare the soil for sprouts yourself

Growing seedlings is a very troublesome business. These plants are more capricious and need special privileges than those that grow in the open ground. For the cultivation of seedlings of good quality, ideal soil is required in which all nutrients and trace elements will be collected. For each plant must be properly selected acidity. In the soil, pests and insects should not be in any way. Here are the basic requirements that the land must meet:How to decontaminate the soil for seedlings

  1. Good moisture and air permeability. The primer should be soft, friable and light. This will allow oxygen to penetrate unhindered to the root system.
  2. Soil must be balanced and fertile. In addition to organic compounds, the earth must also contain all micro- and macro elements. Do not forget that all components must be contained in certain proportions.
  3. Soil must comply with certainaccording to the level of acidity. The normal value lies in the range from 6.0 to 7.0. If it is insufficient or higher than normal, then in the future, seedlings can pick up various diseases.

The main rule when preparing the soil yourself - in all respect the measure.


When preparing the soil for seedlings, you need to know what in no case should be in the ground:

  1. Infections. In the land for planting, there should be no spores of fungi, microbes, insects and their larvae.
  2. Harmful and toxic elements. In the soil for seedlings should not contain waste harmful production, garbage, heavy metals.
  3. Substances which, when mixed with each other, begin to decompose to decontaminate the land

When preparing the land alone is not worth itto interfere with clay. It greatly worsens the condition and quality of the soil. In this case, it becomes unsuitable for growing strong and healthy seedlings.

Time and method of soil preparation and disinfection

Preparation of the land for seedlings begins in the autumn. It is better if the soil freezes well during the winter. Before planting, the ground is warmed and processed. To date, there are many ways to prepare land. This instruction should become a desktop tool for the gardener:Soil disinfection

  1. The earth is sieved. Remove all insects, larvae and debris.
  2. The next step is the disinfection of the soil. This must be done necessarily. So it will be easy to get rid of all germs and disputes.
  3. To obtain quality seedlings, add a glass of ground egg shell to the bucket of soil.
  4. To land was loose and airy, add crushed polystyrene, pumice or rice husks.

From the entire instruction it is necessary to dwell in more detail on such an important issue as decontaminating the soil for seedlings.

Rules for decontaminating land for growing seedlings

The most common problems with growing seedlingsarise precisely because of the soil. To ensure that no pathogenic microbes remain, it is subjected to special treatment. There are several ways to decontaminate the soil for seedlings. Let's consider each of them separately:

Method 1. Calcination. The earth is sent to the oven and held for about 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 90-100 degrees. So that the soil is evenly calcined, it is laid on a baking tray with a layer no more than 5 cm. Do not raise the temperature more than 100 degrees. The soil will deteriorate and not suitable for growing plants.

Method 2. Steaming. This procedure is applied a month before the land is used. She is put in a saucepan, tightly closed with a lid, and sent to be steamed in a water bath. Soak the soil for two hours.

Method 3. Freezing. This method is used for the soil that was collected in the fall. The earth is taken to the balcony and kept there all winter. A month before planting the seeds, it is extracted and thawed at room temperature.

Method 4. Treatment of the earth with potassium permanganate. This method is considered the most effective, simple and effective. The earth is poured with a fresh hot solution of potassium permanganate and allowed to dry. The composition is prepared in the following proportion: 1 teaspoon potassium permanganate per 1 liter of water.

Method 5. Decontamination of soil can be carried out using special preparations. They can be purchased in shops specializing in gardening products.Preparation of the ground for seedlings

Which way to choose is up to you. In general, each of them is effective and time-tested. Having dealt with the question of how to decontaminate the land, it is necessary to consider in detail the last method.

Preparations for the cultivation of earth and seedlings

Presented preparations are suitable for cultivation of soil and plants:

  • Sulfur is colloidal. The substance has a fungicidal action. Apply sulfur only in the morning or evening hours, because at high temperatures, its toxicity may manifest itself. A preparation is suitable for disinfecting not only the soil, but also plants with signs of diseases. Sulfur colloid is suitable for combating powdery mildew, ascohitosis, scab and other diseases.
  • Copper vitriol. Another tool with fungicidal properties. It dissolves well in water. Suitable for spraying plants. Copper vitriol can be used to disinfect the soil at home and in the suburban area.
  • Combined fungicides. These are the best preparations for working with seedlings of a wide spectrum of action. The treatment of land and plants with such means increases their resistance to diseases and preparations for work with seedlingsAll these drugs will help disinfectsoil, if suddenly you decide to prepare it yourself. Doing this business yourself is quite troublesome, so you can buy ready-made soil in the store.

Shop primer

The most popular is the soil for cultivationseedlings "Garden and Kitchen Garden". It can be bought at every specialized store. Seedlings are very fond of such ready-made mixtures and grows in them just superb. In their composition, everything is balanced, and each component is added in a scientifically justified proportion. Also in the prepared soil there are additives that stimulate the growth of seedlings. It is worthwhile to conduct a detailed analysis and look inside the package with soil "Garden and Kitchen Garden".

The secret inside

In fact, there are no secrets in the finished ground. It contains the following ingredients:

  1. Peat. It has high sterility and the ability to retain moisture well.
  2. Mineral additives that stimulate the growth of seedlings.
  3. Humic substances. Promote the growth of the root system. It gives plants strength and stability.
  4. Sand. It helps the soil not to dry out and not to settle.
  5. Agroperlite. This substance helps the root system to be saturated with oxygen.
  6. Black soil. The main and main component of the finished mixture. The land, completely processed from debris and foreign impurities, as well as from all pathogens of infections.

Here are such simple at first glance additives contains a ready-made soil "Garden and Kitchen Garden". Before purchasing the soil, it is worth paying attention to the following points:Soil for growing seedlings

  • The package should not have large and dry clumps of earth. This is considered the main indicator of soil quality.
  • After the opening, it is worth to assess the appearance of the land. There should be no dust in it. Moderate soil moisture is permissible.

Selecting the soil and preparing it for planting, you can start processing the seeds.

Seed preparation

Having dealt with the question of how to decontaminate the land for seedlings, it is worth approaching the problem of seed preparation. Everything is much simpler here. It consists of the following:

  1. Visual inspection of seeds. It is necessary to select all the bad copies.
  2. Rinse the planting material and dry it thoroughly.
  3. The next step is disinfection of seeds. Do this with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It soaks the seeds for 15-20 minutes.
  4. For better germination, the planting material is soaked in hot water for the day before and what to process seeds, soil, plants

Having dealt with the question of how and how to process seeds, soil, plants from bacteria and diseases, you can wait for a good result.


Having dealt with the main issue - how to disinfectland for seedlings - beginners can start this procedure in practice. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this. A little zeal and perseverance will help in the future to grow a good and beautiful seedlings. Disinfection of soil and seeds today is a mandatory procedure. Strong and healthy plants will quickly settle down in the open ground.

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