How to eat pomelo? Pomelo (fruit): beneficial properties, calorie

Do you know how to eat pomelo? If not, you will find this information in the materials of this article. You will also learn from it what this product is, how to clean it, what properties it has and what it is used to eat pomelo

general information

Before telling you how to eat pomelo, you should tell what it is.

Pomelo is a fruit that belongs to citrus. It has many different names. Someone calls this fruit pomeloe, someone - pamela, and someone uses such names as pompelmus and citrus maxim. By the way, there is another name for this fruit - sheddok. He received this name by the name of the English navigator, who in the seventeenth century transported the seeds of the citrus we are considering from his homeland — from Southeast Asia — to western India.

Appearance pomelo

What kind of fruit and how does it look? Pomelo is a large citrus. Its weight reaches ten kilograms, and its diameter is about thirty centimeters.Although on the shelves of our stores such fruits do not exist. In supermarkets you can buy a fruit that weighs no more than one and a half to two kilograms.

What does pomelo look like? What kind of fruit that even those who are contraindicated citrus can not refuse? Most often, the fruit has a rounded shape. Less commonly, it is pear-shaped or flattened. The color of the pomelo peel varies from yellow to green. The entire fruit is evenly covered with a thick layer of skin. Under it lies the sweet and fragrant flesh, which is divided into large slices (like orange or mandarin).pomelo what kind of fruit

How to eat pomelo?

Few people know, but the fruits we are considering are not only consumed raw. For example, in some eastern countries this fruit is fried, stewed and even boiled. In some dishes and salads, it is an integral component. Thanks to pomelo, the lunch meal becomes brighter, richer and more useful.

Attitude to the fetus in other states

On the eve of the New Year in the Celestial, such fruits are always presented to each other. This is due to the fact that this fruit is a symbol of well-being and prosperity. We can not say that the Chinese living in Thailand, often used pomelo for various religious festivals. It is often brought as a gift to the spirits.

In addition, in the north of Vietnam, this fruit is annually exposed on the festive altar (on the eve of the New Year).

Beneficial features

Little to know how to eat pomelo. In order for this fruit to benefit your body, it is necessary to possess information about what properties it possesses.

Few realize that pomelo is an extremely healthy fruit. The rich mineral and vitamin composition allows the use of the fruit for the prevention and treatment of many viral infections, as well as diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

calorie pomelo

It is impossible not to say that the pomelo is not only consumed, but also used for the preparation of various cosmetics. For example, masks based on this fruit perfectly vitaminize, nourish and moisturize tired skin. They literally fill it with strength and energy. In addition, nutritionists recommend eating pomelo those patients who suffer from overweight.

Composition of the product

Now you know what useful properties a pomelo has. Vitamins in this fruit are found in large quantities. This is1, AT6, AT2, PP, C, and β-carotene.In addition, pomelo includes a whole list of useful elements: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese and copper. Also this fruit contains essential oils, a large amount of limonoid, water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary fiber and ash.

Pomelo: hybrid or not?

Pomelo is a hybrid of what? Many people who have tried this fruit for the first time believe that it was grown by crossing any citrus fruit. But it is not. After all, pomelo is an independent plant, which was mentioned in the Bible. According to historians, this fruit originally appeared in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and also grew on the islands of Fiji and Tonga. In China, he was known as early as 100 BC. As for Europe, it was brought here by navigators back in the fourteenth century.

Thus, the statement that a pomelo is a hybrid is erroneous. What only people come up with! Know that this fruit is the fruit of an independent tree.pomelo how to clean

Right choice

How should choose a pomelo? The rind of this fruit will easily tell you whether to buy it or not. Of course, buying a pomelo for the first time, you can trust the seller. However, we recommend paying attention to the signs of a ripe fruit.

First, high-quality and fully ripened fruits have a very bright aroma. It must be saturated and felt at a distance.

Secondly, the color of the rind of this fruit should be uniform, yellow or slightly greenish. And on the surface should not be stains, dents, patches or streaks. If the damage to the pomelo is still there, then it is better to give it up, since this is the first sign of the product stale.

To the touch, a quality fruit should be fairly dense and firm. Slight softness is not a problem. On the contrary, this fruit will be more juicy and tasty.

In the event that at the top of the pomelo the rind is surprisingly easy to squeeze in, we can say that the fruit begins to rot.pomelo is a hybrid of what

It should also be noted that the skin of a good fruit always has the same thickness. Some of her seals suggest that the broom ripened in inappropriate conditions and was also stored incorrectly.

Calorie Product

What fruit we are considering has a calorie content? Pomelo contains quite a lot of carbohydrates. But, despite this, is a dietary product.After all, 90% of its edible part consists of water.

Thus, the calorie content of pomelo (100 g) is about 30 kcal. However, it should be noted that this figure may vary slightly in one direction or another. It depends on the degree of maturity of the fruit and its variety.

Due to the fact that this product has a fairly low energy value, as well as many useful properties, it is recommended for those who have a tendency to be overweight, as well as those on a strict diet.

Eat this fruit should be before each meal in the amount of two or three cloves, and also instead of the usual fast food during snacking.

Cleaning process

How to eat pomelo? How to clean this fruit? These questions are especially often asked by those who first encountered this citrus. It should be noted that there are a great many ways to clean it. Consider some of them.pomelo rind

Method one

After purchase, the pomelo is thoroughly washed in hot water (sometimes with a brush). If you notice that the fruit was waxed, then it is doused with boiling water. This will get rid of the harmful layer and protect your body from various infections.

After the described actions, the peel of the pomelo is cut with a sharp knife from the cutting in a circle. In this case, the pulp does not apply. Then gently press with your fingers at the incision site and carefully peel off the skin.

Inside the fruit, slices are found, like mandarin or orange. They are carefully separated, and then they open the dense partitions and take out the pulp part. In parallel, bones are removed from the pomelo, which, by the way, can be quite a lot.

Purified pulp is poured into a bowl and served to the table. It is used simply or added to fruit or berry salads and other dishes.

Second way

Now you know how to use pomelo. How to clean this fruit in another way? To do this, the purchased product is thoroughly washed in hot water. Then, using a sharp and not very long knife, the top is removed from it. After that, the skin of the pomelo is cut down to the pulpy part of the fruit in a spiral from top to bottom. Having hooked its beginning with a finger, the product is quickly cleaned. At the end, it is neatly divided into lobules, from which hard and bitter-tasting films are removed. Use this product just like that or in combination with other fruits.A bad tone is eating pomelo with sugar. After all, citrus and so is very sweet.pomelo vitamins

Let's sum up

Now you know what a broomstick is and how it should be cleaned. Using these techniques, you can easily deprive the skin of the fruit and quickly get to the sweet, juicy and surprisingly tasty flesh. Enjoy your meal!

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