How to enter the university of your dreams

Psychologist Anastasia Ponomarenko gives useful tips on how to make the right choice when entering a university.

In the modern world, it is such a situation that the earlier parents think about the future of the university, the better.

It would seem that the child is still a junior schoolboy, have time. However, lately there has been a growing demand forquality educationmeeting current trends. And to become a student of a high-quality university, you will have to work not for a year, but for several years. Therefore, it is better to make a choice not in the last year of study, so that there is time for maneuver.

1. For a start, it makes sense to clearly imaginepicture of future studies. Because, in some institutions it is easier to do than to study. Now, when almost all universities have their own websites, they often post training programs in electronic form. Review them with the child before deciding on the choice. What subjects should be studied and in what volume.Will your son or daughter cope? Is there deep knowledge? If not, then what are the solutions: classes with a tutor, courses, or it makes sense to stay at another university, in simpler terms, but where are these specialists trained.

2. Often the child has a bad ideawhat kind of specialisthe will be after graduation. For example, a schoolboy wants to become a doctor, but does not specify: how. It means not a specialization, but a field of activity. A doctor can work in science, run around the houses as a simple therapist, and can teach at a college or institute. There are universities that emphasize theoretical training (most often these are old, Soviet institutions with a name), but there are those that are aimed at practicing practical skills. The latter attract students to practical activities almost from the first year, they have a solid client base of potential employers. And if graduate school is not among your life plans, it is better to choose a university from among the latter.

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3. Requiredgo to HR portalsand read as much information as possible about the chosen profession. What universities are listed, whether additional education is needed, the average salary for the chosen specialty.Schoolchildren can romantically perceive the name itself - ah, a political scientist, as solid. Having worked through the information, it can be understood that a political scientist is a tough, tense profession, and most of all political scientists are waiting with diplomas of State Universities with a history and a name. Nobody needs a diploma from the Zapypyrlovsky Polytechnic Institute with a degree in political science.

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4. If you have already helped determine your offspring with the university, learn abouttraining coursesand those benefits that gives (or does not) study on them. Ask your child to pay attention to bulletin boards, talk to students, find out which universities hold conferences and whether an entrant can participate in them. These moments should provide an adult, gently hint and guide. Do not throw on gravity, and do not rely on your child. He still can not think about all the nuances due to age.

5. Your child probably hasaccounts in social networks. So let it serve you well! Many universities have their own pages on VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter. Advise the student to join a group or community of like-minded people.You will learn a lot of interesting information and pitfalls, which is not visible from official press releases. And if your child also makes friends with someone who shares his interest in studying at this institution, it's very good. After all, for the student environment means a lot.

6. University rankings, international assessments are all important, of course. But it is important, rather, for the university itself, than for students and applicants. You are more importanthonesty to the applicant, which is expressed in the completeness of the information on the site on admission: the admission rules, the list of directions and specialties, the number of seats in each direction, both paid and budget, the cost of training, a sample agreement for applicants for a paid office, benefits for olimpiadnikov, minimum points, information about the hostel. If there is not enough information, it is worth thinking about the integrity of this university.

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7. Now there ismany fundsthat provide grants for students, especially technical specialties. Wander around the Internet in advance.It is possible that your training will be paid. And do not say "this is impossible," but you have not tried.

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8. If the institution of your dreams -foreign university, it is important to take into account such a moment: after finishing the child intends to work at home or abroad? The fact is that many Western Universities specially create faculties for “children of oligarchs” from the countries of the former USSR, and after graduation it is almost impossible to get a good job in the country of study. But in the CIS countries, experts with similar diplomas are snapped up. And about this nuance (which, as a rule, they will not tell you in the selection committee) you need to think in advance.

9.Do not be nervous. This is important, because your condition is passed on to the children. If while reading the website of the university you will groan, gasp and exclaim: “A nightmare! It is impossible to do here, "- your child will be very doubtful of his abilities. If he flashes in his head: “I will not do it anyway, it is difficult,” then he will learn lightheartedly. And this threatens to pass a bad exam and reduce the likelihood of admission to any university at all.

And the last:you can enter the university of your dreams not immediately.Fortunately, there is such a thing as a “second higher education”. This way is longer and more expensive, but it is there. After school, if it does not work out, you can enroll in a simpler institute - where the minimum entrance points and the minimum requirements for the student. And then, having finished it and having begun to work, you can already calculate the cost of the second and calculate your capabilities. Advantages of this way: a more responsible approach to the choice of profession, you usually need to study in absentia, that is, you can learn and work. There are also disadvantages: the second higher education is always paid, and requires high self-discipline. But to discuss with the child this option makes sense, if only to reduce the level of anxiety. Let him know thatseveral paths lead to the university of dreams.

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