How to excite a man with words

What words can excite a man

Many representatives of the fair sex, probably, had to notice how during a conversation with a man on topics that have nothing to do with sex, the behavior of the interlocutor begins to change. A man's eyes become foggy, he loses the thread of conversation, he begins to get nervous. The reason for this condition may be a completely innocent phrase you said, which made him think about sex. What from what you said led a man into such a state, you can not guess. But, nevertheless, it is the words, and not outright outfits or touches that can make a man want you.

We often underestimate this fact, but even talking about serious topics, you can make a man boil with passion, skillfully using some words and phrases. They are associated with intimacy (to have fun, to arouse desire, body, caress, lust, passion, etc.). Such key words can be inserted into the most innocent sentences, thereby setting the man in the desired fashion.


The conversation can be accompanied by sounds similar to those issued during sex.These enthusiastic exclamations will cause the necessary associations.

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