How to fish in the winter?

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How to fish in the winter?

Winter fishing in our country is the hobby of millions of people. But an unknowing person thinks, how can one sit so much in the cold, and what is the pleasure, actually? Until you try it yourself, nothing is impossible to understand. All this must be felt. So, read the article, learn how to fish in the winter, stock up on tackles and experience all the delights of winter fishing on yourself! Let's start with the most important thing.

Place to search for fish

An important factor in winter fishing is the question of how to find fish in winter. Doing fish search is in the grooves, on the old channels, and other deep places. Sufficient depth for winter fishing is 4-5 meters. In order not to search for a long time, you can pay attention to the presence of other fishermen in this area, and simply ask. When you find a pit, do not rush. It is necessary to take a closer look and find the deepest and smallest place. When you notice, drill ice in the middle, as the fish likes to gather on races.

How to drill a hole

When you find a suitable place, you should look around, if the flow is small, it is better to drill the hole perpendicular to the flow.If you drill the hole with the flow, the bait can carry in the last hole, which is undesirable. Fish can overeat, and not peck. Food may also start to rot, scaring off the fish.


If you want to know how to fish in the winter, you need to be able to exercise winter bait.

  • It is necessary to do bait directly after drilling the hole. For this purpose, a cone-shaped container is used in which the feed is poured. It is not worth pouring a lot, because the main task is to lure the fish, not feed them.
  • For successful fishing, you can start bait for a couple of days. For example, on the first day, feed the fish with boiled and mixed peas and semolina, on the second you do the same, and on the third day, come directly to catch.
  • For catching use the most different types of bait. Basically, these are all kinds of cereals, chopped up in a meat grinder seeds, mixed with breadcrumbs, or just barley porridge, but the bait porridge must occur a couple of days before the fishing.
  • Bait killers optimal, and does not require training. To form the bloodworm you need in a small ball, similar to a sea mine.It is not necessary to abuse, because in large numbers, the bloodworm can lure ruffs that scare the rest of the fish. Or simply the fish will pereest and will not bite.


  • If you are seriously thinking about how to fish in the winter, in any case, you need to know about winter fishing equipment.
  • Fishing rod - the fishing rod should be a little longer so that you are not visible from the water.
  • In winter fishing, the thinner the fishing line, the more likely the greater catch awaits you. Fishing line with a section of 0.1 - 0.18 is quite suitable.
  • Immediately take the bait with the coil, as this will greatly facilitate the task.
  • Hooks and jigs - it’s impossible to give preference to one thing in principle, they bite at both gears, the main thing is that the hook number does not exceed the fifth one.
  • Float and nod - use what you like. The float is small, lightweight, made of foam, and the nods are long, with a large radius of action.


The main bait for winter fishing is the bloodworm. But sometimes it is worth trying the summer options - semolina or dough. Summer bait can be used if there is no bite on the bloodworm. Well, and perhaps the main point - how to catch fish in the winter, that is, ways of catching:

  • Float - Pin the bait and lower it all the way to the bottom. The float should sink 1-2 cm into the water, but at the same time, you should be able to see it. The fish, sailing to the bait, grabs it, lifts along with the weight and float. The float rises out of the water and falls to the side, which is a signal for sweeping. It is not necessary to undercut as a thin fishing line can burst.
  • Nodding method - the same factors work as with the float, but the nod needs to be put on tight, no matter what it is sagging, but it is slightly tensioned by a load of equipment. It is also possible to play with a nod, raising the bait up and shaking a nod, thus luring the fish.


Create less noise, do not sit down close to another fisherman, who has a good bite, because you can knock down the nibble of biting, both he and yourself. Try sometimes, in the absence of a bite, to play with a float or a nod, it can lure the fish. Do not let the trifle in the same hole back, and do not throw the hole open, if you are going to come to the same place again. You can sprinkle it with snow to prevent complete freezing. I hope you understand how to fish in the winter. Video, as this is done, can be seen on the sites dedicated to winter fishing.

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