How to get fire?

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How to get fire?

Since the time when a person has learned how to extractfire, it's been a long time. To date, there are a huge number of different devices that will help get the fire quickly and without much effort. In this article, we will consider how to build fire without matches, lighters and other special tools.

Extraction of fire

It's not a secret for anyone that people have learned to extract fire independently many centuries ago. A little more about this you can learn from the article of our site - What people created? | | Fire.

Invented a lot of convenient devices that allow you to easily, and most importantly quickly, build a fire. Such adaptations include matches, lighters, cigarette lighters, etc.

But what if none of thesethe devices were not at your fingertips. Meanwhile, you are in nature, and you need to build a fire. In this case, experienced tourists know several ways how to quickly get fire without traditional tools.

Fire from a chemical reaction

The key ingredient for getting fire is dataway is potassium permanganate. It, unfortunately, is unlikely to be obtained today in an ordinary pharmacy. But many have this medical remedy from the old times.

For a reaction to occur, it is necessary to manganeseadd a little glycerin. The fire will inflame very quickly. First it will be yellow, and then usual. By what principle the ordinary fire burns, you can learn from the article of our site - How the fire burns.

Fire as a result of friction

Perhaps the most ancient method of breeding a bonfire -friction of two wooden surfaces. As a tool of friction will be a homemade bow and a thin stick or twig. To make a bow, take a stick and tie its ends with a rope so that an arc is obtained. A rope of onion wrap around another thin stick. This stick is placed in a wooden board, in which you need to make a small hole in advance, so that the stick does not fly out. In the place of rubbing, we must place rubbish. If tinder and wood are dry, then the fire can flare up fairly quickly. The main thing is to understand the principle and follow the scheme methodically.

Fire from car battery

If you came by carthe battery is probably the quickest and easiest way to get fire. The whole procedure is to close the two wires of the battery, which approach the terminal with a plus sign and to the terminal with a minus sign. If you touch the wires, you will get a spark. With her help, and you need to build a fire. The most important thing is to bring the tinder in time.

Fire from the lens

This method can be used,that the street is sunny, and you have access to water and you have, for example, a rubber ball. In this case, you must make a lens out of the ball. It's pretty simple - just fill it with water. Do not pour a lot. The filled ball needs to be squeezed so that in hands at you there was a certain similarity of a lens. The resulting tool is closely pushed to the tinder so that the sun's rays pass through the lens. If you did everything right, then pretty soon you will be able to see the smoke. As a lens, you can use other materials, for example: a piece of transparent ice, a lens from the camera or folded together glass of a mechanical clock.

All of the above methods will help you quite quickly to build a fire without special tools. In any difficult situation, the most important thing is not to lose heart and look for the best solution to the problem.

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