How to get rid of aphids

Aphids are a headache for many summer residents. And not only summer residents, our roomy "green pets" can comprehend the same misfortune: it is enough to open the window or window in the summer. In most cases, the primary cause of the appearance of aphids are domestic ants - they use the aphid as a person uses livestock. They take care of aphids, protect against other insects and try in every way to breed it as much as possible, because the aphid, with a certain effect on it, gives off sweet nectar, which is a delicacy for ants. If these intelligent insects justified their colony in the wall of a wooden house, or in the underground, it would not be easy to remove the aphid. It makes no sense to get rid of aphids, without destroying the ants - as soon as the chemical drug with which you poisoned the recent parasites disappears, the ants will immediately bring new ones and the next generation will be born in a week. In addition, aphid, like many parasites, has an unpleasant ability to adapt to the poison.But ants do not have such abilities, which is very useful for us. Let's start with them! Fortunately, now there are many tools that are good at eliminating these insects and almost all are effective. So, to get rid of the ants, we buy several types of sweet poison at once, so that the result would be for sure. We proceed according to the instructions on the labels. If everything went well and the ants disappeared, then proceed to the removal of aphids. And here I was confronted with an unpleasant surprise: the aphid on my pepper was insensitive to all the money I bought. Only some of the parasites' activity fell temporarily, but they did not die. She only occupied the indoor pepper, without touching other plants. I fought with her for more than a year, with various shopping and my own means. No results, except for the loss of two plants, I have not achieved. Home louse is active year-round, at this time for testing my funds, I had plenty. And recently, all the same, I successfully eradicated this infection! Unfortunately, I will not be able to show the process of imitation of parasites, in the complete absence of those, but I can describe the production of the means and the processing of plants.

Will need

  • Water.
  • Chloramine (powder).
  • Tobacco dust.
  • Garlic.
  • Perfume or cologne with a pungent odor.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Big syringe.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Brush with soft hair.

How to get rid of aphids

We get rid of home from aphids

Preparation of the solution:
First you need to insist on tobacco dust in the water. To a jar of water - two tablespoons (with a slide). Insist for three days. Next, add a little chlorine to the tobacco tincture, literally at the tip of the knife. Insist another day. Then squeeze there, through a garlic press, one large clove of garlic. Wait until the garlic impregnates the odor solution (hour-and-a-half). Now we filter this solution into another container through four-layer gauze. Next, take a cotton swab, cut off from it one tip with a cotton swab, and install the remaining tube with cotton at the end on a syringe. In place of the needle. We collect the filtered solution into a syringe through a cotton wool, thus preventing small particles of tobacco dust that can clog the sprayer from getting inside, and after removing the cotton swab, we pour it into the clean solution in the sprayer bottle. Repeat the procedure until we fill the bottle.Then, just before use, add 3-4 milligrams of cologne to this bottle with the solution ready for spraying. The solution is ready.
Application of the solution:
Before applying the solution, cover the ground in a pot with something so that the solution does not fall on the ground. The best thing is something rag. Personally, I rolled a long rag into a long thin bundle and just wound it on the ground in a pot with a snake around the trunk.
How to get rid of aphids

Apply the solution from the bottom up, gradually turning the pot with the plant so that it falls on the inner surfaces of all the leaves.
How to get rid of aphids

We process the plant until it starts to drip. Now leave the plant to dry. Do not rinse it in any way. After a few hours, the parasites remaining on the leaves will darken and die, and in a day they will dry.
How to get rid of aphids

Then they can be swept off the leaves with a soft brush. My pepper transferred these procedures quite normally, however, the plants are different, so it is possible that some will have a little soreness. In any case, nothing deadly will happen to them. We do not take away the rag from the pot immediately after the treatment, because the plant louse will start leaving the plant literally right away - to crumble on the table and rag.After a few hours you can remove the rag with dead insects. However, this is not a victory yet - many insects have managed to postpone the offspring, to which, due to its microscopic size, the poison has not reached. So repeat the procedure every week, until the infection is completely eradicated. At the time of treatment for parasites, it will not be superfluous to feed the plant with vitamins, for recovery after exhausting procedures. For this, aloe leaves will fit perfectly. Just before watering, squeeze one sheet to the ground of each plant, after each pickling procedure.
How to get rid of aphids

How to get rid of aphids

After complete destruction of the parasites, we wash the plant with clean water using cotton wool or a soft cloth. And more often wipe the window sill with water with a light solution of chlorine, to prevent the appearance of ants.

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