How to get to Peterhof. How to get to Peterhof by metro

Peterhof is the world-famous residence of Peter the Great on the coast of the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg.

how to get to peterhof

Every year, it is visited by thousands of travelers to personally enjoy the gorgeous views of Russian Versailles. And the main question that arises before them: "How to get to Peterhof at the lowest cost?"

After all, almost every person dreams of getting there. Peterhof is very popular with both foreign tourists and residents of Russia, thanks to the beautiful park with a huge variety of fountains.

Peterhof: how to get to the subway?

There is no metro in Petergof, but a railway line runs through the city, which is served daily by electric trains from the Baltic Station.

The nearest metro station to the station, from where commuter trains depart, is Baltiyskaya. From there in the direction of Peterhof leave the train, following to Oranienbaum, Kalisch or Krasnoflotsk.The stop is called “New Peterhof”, the journey to it takes about 40 minutes.

peterhof how to get by metroThis is not the best way to be in Peterhof, because the station is located away from the main attractions of the city. And upon arrival at the station you will have to walk for about 30 minutes or take a bus number 349, 350, 351, 352, 355 or 356, which will take you to the gates of the park.

Pleases only the cost - the road from St. Petersburg to Peterhof will cost 50 rubles. And the station itself is very picturesque.

There are other options for getting to Peterhof. For example, fixed-route taxis are very popular.

On the shuttle bus to Peterhof

How to get on the bus, you will tell almost any resident of the city. Since this option is the most economical and convenient of all available.

Route taxis depart daily from several metro stations: Avtovo, Leninsky Prospekt, Veterans Avenue and Baltiyskaya.

When you arrive at one of them, you will simply look around, and you will surely stumble upon any minibus going to Peterhof, but we will still help orient in their diversity:

  • From the Avtovo metro station there are minibuses under No. 224, 300, 424 (424А).
  • From m.Leninsky Prospect - №103, K224, 420.
  • From the metro station “Prospect Veterans” - №343 and №639-b.
  • From m. "Kirovsky Zavod" - № 224, 404.
  • From metro station “Baltic” there are fixed-route taxis №404.

On each such machine there is an inscription "fountains". And the drivers are actively inviting tourists inside.

In 2014, passengers were charged 70 rubles per ride on the St. Petersburg-Peterhof route.

Saint Petersburg Peterhof how to getHow to get to the place of parking minibuses, we figured out, but where they arrive and why are considered the best way to economical travel?

The fact that they stop right at the entrance to the park, and you do not have to change to the bus, as is the case with the train. And although the trip by taxi is not a very comfortable option, they get to Peterhof in the same 40 minutes and depart every 5-10 minutes.

Of course, there is a chance to get into traffic jam on the outskirts of the city or at the entrance to Peterhof. But from the budget options, route taxis are second only to buses.

Buses to Peterhof

Yes, even regular regular buses go to Peterhof. There are not so many of them, and they are not as fast as minibuses, but they are cheaper - only 50 rubles.

Municipal bus number 200 leaves from Avtovo metro station.You can find it in the same place as the bus in Peterhof.

We reach by sea

If you think that one of the most beautiful parks in Russia can only be reached by land, then you are mistaken. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, which is what adventurous travel companies that plan tours to Peterhof enjoy. How to get on the water, we will tell in this part of the article.

In St. Petersburg, walks along the rivers and canals of the city are widespread. There are many different boats that will gladly take you to his most picturesque places.

And there are special ships on hydrofoils, capable of damchatsya to Peterhof or Kronstadt in just half an hour. It's about meteors.

Undoubtedly, this is the fastest, comfortable and expensive way to get to Peterhof. Usually it is used by guests of the city. Local still prefer cheaper options.

peterhof how to get by waterTwo companies have meteors: Petergof Express and Vodohod. It is very easy to find them, you just need to get to the palace embankment and go for a walk along the banks of the Neva.

And there it is already to decide which company’s services to use. In principle, they do not differ from each other. Even their prices are about the same:

  • One way fare: 700 rubles for adults, 400 for children;
  • there and back: 1300 rubles for adults, 700 - for children.

This method has some limitations. For example, meteors "fly" to Peterhof only from May to October and only in good weather. If the bay is restless, then you should attend to finding another way.

They arrive and depart from the quay of the Lower Park of the Petrodvorets from 10 am to 8.30 pm.

Undoubtedly, the meteor has the advantage of a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Finland, very comfortable seats and just the unusualness of this transport. You can walk around the boat, admiring the views from different sides, and even climb to the deck.

That is why meteors are very popular, although they are quite expensive.

How to get by air?

If you think that meteors are the most expensive way to get to Peterhof, then you are mistaken. There is an even more unusual and attractive option for wealthy tourists.

peterhof how to get by shuttle busThis is an air taxi. The helicopters are waiting for passengers near the Peter and Paul Fortress and are ready to deliver them to Peterhof in just 10 minutes and some 3,000 rubles.

They are designed for groups of 15-20 people.This is the fastest and most expensive way to get to Peterhof. But many are willing to pay this price to enjoy the stunning views of the city from a bird's eye view.

In Peterhof in his car

If you get to Peterhof on your own car, then you have two options.

You leave on Prospect Stachek, turn off on Petergofskoe highway and move in the direction of Peterhof. After you enter the city, look to the right - after about a kilometer there will be a park.

Having left on the Ring Road, move along it until the junction with the Ropshinsky Highway. There it is necessary to move out from it. And then go to the Peterhof highway to the city.

The car can be left right at the entrance to the park in the paid parking. Payment is made on site.

So, we have considered the main options for how to get to Peterhof. And each person should decide for himself which of them is closer to him: thrifty, unusual, picturesque or fast.

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