How to get your beloved back: psychology tips and magic rituals

Beloved went to another, just fell out of love, I realized that you are not on the way? Variants of the reasons and reasons for such an act are many. And although it seems that it is now too late to do anything, the heart and feelings in every possible way protest against "surrendering their positions."

The question of how to return his girlfriend, disturbed young people many centuries ago and still has not lost its relevance. What to do? First of all, you need to understand that it will not be possible to enter the same river twice, but it is possible to change yourself and try again to improve relations.

Psychologist tips

If you want to return the old feelings and attitudes, you need to calm the boiling cauldron of emotions and listen to the recommendations of psychologists. And these tips largely coincide with the usual worldly wisdom, proven over centuries.

So, experts on human souls advise guys to take the following steps:

Psychologist tips

  1. Analyze whether it is necessary to return the former sweetheart. Perhaps you yourself, in the depths of your soul, wanted to break this relationship, and now only male pride is crying out at you, not allowing you to accept the fact that the girl left first. If thinking about the situation showed that love and warm feelings remained, you are ready to change for her and throw aside reproaches and offenses, it makes sense to take active steps.
  2. Think carefully about the situation, try to clarify and find out at which point a fatal mistake was made in the relationship with the ex-girlfriend. It is extremely important to forget about the quarrel between you and forgive your beloved if she became the culprit of parting.
  3. Try to arrange a meeting with the girl, talk with her again, avoiding scandals and accusations. Be sure to specify that you realized your mistake and are ready to resume the relationship. The probability of a positive development of events for you is large enough, especially if you show that you appreciate her feelings and become more responsible.
  4. If the ex-sweetheart does not want to meet, try to keep a distance for a while and wait until she cools down and is ready for a serious conversation.

What is not worth doing?

Before you consider ways to get your girlfriend back, you need to clarify the list of actions that are strictly contraindicated. Can I resort to them? Yes, but only if you want to forever turn your former beloved away from yourself.

What not to do

  1. Do not constantly nazvanivat, talk about love, send gifts. Female psychology is such that a kneeling and begging forgiveness guy seems to be a creature unworthy of attention. Your active imposition will destroy at least some respect and even further alienate the ex-beloved.
  2. Give up the threat of suicide. Unfortunately, this method is quite common among the stronger sex. First, if even this works, then keeping the girl next to you will not be love, but pity. Secondly, the next time such a trick will no longer work, since the young lady will develop a kind of immunity to threats.
  3. There should be no promise of global change. The notorious female psychology makes the girls believe not in logical arguments, but in emotions and sensations. She will not understand the global nature of your plans, she needs sensual evidence: to see, to feel the difference.Only then can she believe you.
  4. Do not drown out the pain and your blues with alcohol. Alcohol only enhances real emotions. If you feel sad, then a few glasses of strong alcoholic drink will only increase the intensity of this mood. In addition, you do not want to drop even more in the eyes of the former lady?

Reasons for parting

If you have firmly decided to return your girlfriend, try to find out the exact cause of the gap.

The identified source of the problem is half the success. It is best to, of course, learn the motive of the act first hand, but if the ex-lover does not make contact, you will have to figure it out yourself or enroll in a psychologist.

Reasons for parting

What are the reasons for parting can be identified?

  1. Lack of confidence. The psychology of relationships argues that couples in which there is no trust relationship will break up sooner or later. Continuing jealousy, constant monitoring of each step of the girl, monitoring her correspondence in the network or via SMS will necessarily lead to a break in relations.
  2. False. It is difficult to meet girls who could easily forgive deception and betrayal.If the former lover found out about your affair, you should not be surprised that she decided to break your relationship.
  3. Love is over. "Stop loving" is an extremely painful reason for a man's self-esteem for parting. Even more painful if the former chosen one went to another.
  4. Self love partner. Any patience is not unlimited, so at some point even the most quiet and modest girl may rebel because of male inattention.
  5. Obsession with the former relationship. If a man maintains close contact with the previous girl, the current woman can take this extremely negative. Especially annoying women comparison with former lovers.

Of course, this is not a complete list of possible causes of a break in relations. One can also recall the discrepancy between the characters, the reluctance to yield to each other, to compromise. It is important to understand the heap of problems and find the main motive of the female act.

4 simple steps that work

So, it took some time, and you realized that attempts to reanimate the relationship failed. More and more often the question of how to return your beloved girl, bothers you day and night.She says that she has fallen out of love, or does not answer phone calls and SMS at all.

You can, of course, continue to guard her near work or university, fill up with flowers, beg for a meeting and beg for a second chance. However, with a high probability your plans will fail, because the girl's psychology does not allow respecting the guy wallowing at her beautiful legs. Collect the will into a fist and listen to the advice of experts.

Step # 1. Agree with her decision

If, after a quarrel or long-term tensions, the girl tells you about a break, try to at least outwardly perceive her words calmly and even with a touch of relief. You can answer the following: “I am glad that we have a common opinion. Already long been thinking about parting. "

Why is the effect guaranteed? Women often pronounce such phrases in anger or to change the behavior of a guy. But even if your girlfriend planned such a conversation, an unexpected turn would confuse her and level moral preponderance.

Agreeing, you do not need to enter into a dispute, otherwise you can spoil everything. Leave the girl confused for a while. At this time, do not call and do not arrange "random" meetings, quarrels.Now the ball is on your side, so you need to prepare for the following points.

Step # 2. Contact

While waiting for her call or message in the network, a “random” meeting should not become disheartened and monitor her page in VK. You can confidently say that the former beloved is in ignorance, not understanding why you do not know about her affairs, are not trying to return her.

And then there are two scenarios for the development of events:

  1. The girl will call first, having found any weighty reason - she forgot a thing in your house or asks for advice on any issue. Be sure to pick up the phone, ask what caused it to ring, ask about business, but without unnecessary emotions.
  2. If the former girlfriend does not call, try to arrange a meeting at the place where she often is. Naturally, without flowers and balls, because you met her "completely by chance."

In any of the contact options, respond positively, without rudeness, but monosyllabically, as if you had time to get secrets. The girl should feel that you do not finish speaking. Finish the conversation first, referring to being busy. After a conversation or meeting do not call and do not write, again disappearing for a while.

Return the girl

Step # 3. Changes

So, you are hiding, thereby warming up the curiosity of the ex-lover, but you can not sit idly by. You need self-development and self-improvement, and you will not have time for sadness. During this period, you can do the following:

  • if possible, pump up, bring yourself into optimal physical shape, removing a beer belly;
  • update the wardrobe, changing the usual urban style to something brighter;
  • go on a trip, do some extreme sport (without fanaticism), which will certainly affect your self-esteem and gaze;
  • take some photos with pretty strangers (not with your cousin) and place pictures on your page.
Be sure that the ex-darling regularly comes to your social networks to mark changes in status or discover new girls in "friends." Changing the image certainly hooked her.

In addition, changing the way of life, you will attract new interesting people. Perhaps, among them, a young lady will be discovered, which will be better than her former lover in all respects. Then you will not wrestle with the question of how to return the girl after breaking up and kindle feelings.

Step number 4. Personal meeting

If the girl does not call and does not write after the first contact, organize communication on your own. A random meeting will show all the positive changes that have occurred to you during the separation. Women are very jealous of these changes, starting to reflect on possible rivals. Yes, girls are even jealous of their ex-boys!

It is extremely important to communicate in a living, limiting contacts on the Internet to a minimum.

At the meeting, you can make a few compliments, hug and kiss. In addition, it is possible and necessary to show not only external, but also internal changes. If you have not said warm words before, become more gallant, etc. Show that in any case, ready to start a relationship.

Non-standard methods of returning an ex-girlfriend

If you are unable to return the feelings of the former darling in the ways described above, try to apply to other, not quite standard methods. The only condition is that you need to firmly believe that such methods will help you, even if the girl has gone to another.


Prayer for the return of the beloved must go from the heart. It is love and sincere feelings that will help make it as effective as possible.If you want to achieve guaranteed success, you should not hurry, bother the girl, because it is unlikely she will change the decision so drastically.

Non-standard methods of returning an ex-girlfriendPrayer should be read by a baptized person, you can turn to God, his son or his own guardian angel. There are many prayers that should help to return the beloved. The prayer to the holy matron, is as follows:

“Matronushka Holy! I call you a prayer! Please, save my love, turn the slave (name) back! God bless the Lord! I pray thee words from the soul! With a bow, Matronushka, to you, amen! "

You can read a prayer both at home and in church. However, the priests are advised to perform the sacrament in the temple, so that the effect was more pronounced. Regardless of who your prayer is addressed to, stand near the icon, take a lighted candle or a lamp.

Privorot on the photo

If you belong to the category of people who are sure that you need to fight for love and feelings by any means, try to get your ex-beloved back with the help of magical rituals - for example, by bewitching her in a photo.

Esotericists consider the photo an imprint of a human aura, containing a particle of the information field. The sequence of actions in the fortune-house looks like this:

  1. Carefully peer into the image of the girl, scrolling into the imagination of a happy future together.
  2. Light the wax candle and take a picture. Speak your desire by turning the photo image down and holding it over the fire.
  3. Say the following words: "As I, servant of God (your name), long for the servant of God (name of the chosen one), so she misses me! Amen!"
  4. Then set fire to the photo from the candle fire, and the ashes need to be dispelled to the wind.

Former darling who has fallen out of love is extremely difficult to return, but you can interest her with your new personality in an improved way. To regain love and refresh the feelings of the old girl, love yourself. This will help you understand your own priorities, look at old relationships with different eyes and choose the right strategy. Good luck to you!

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