How to grow a cactus?

Cacti are the most famous roomplants. They have the most interesting and uncomplicated form, which immediately attracts attention. If properly cultivated and properly maintained, they will often bloom beautifully. Let's look at how to grow cacti properly.

Transplanting cacti

When transplanting, it is not absolutely necessary thatEach cactus grows in its own pot, you can buy one pot with wide edges and plant the plants in it. But for this it is desirable to first familiarize yourself with the requirements of each of the cacti and choose for group planting only those that are similar in their requirements. For example, you can plant desert cacti-spines of different varieties, but of different shapes. It will look from the outside beautifully and organically. Uniqueness and additional "desert" species can be obtained by adding shells and sea pebbles to the ensemble.

Plant grafting

Another necessary procedure for growingcacti is their inoculation. This is the fusion of half the stalk of one cactus artificially with the base of the other. This procedure is necessary in the case when the cactus can not reproduce from its own root. It is also necessary to inoculate and late-flowering plants, as this greatly speeds up the flowering process. It is easier to plant young plants, but mature ones should be planted only if they start to rot. Cultivation of cacti - occupation is quite simple, since they practically do not require additional care. The vaccine is best done in the spring or summer, when the weather is gloomy.

In order to properly plant the plant,It is necessary with a thin blade to cut the upper part horizontally above the base by 8-10 centimeters. To take the cut off part you need a specially prepared piece of paper to avoid injury and not break off the needles. Now apply in such a way that the cut surfaces match and tighten the cut with a special elastic fabric. The tissues of plants will be finally united only after two weeks.

Plant from seed

Let's now look at how to grow a cactusfrom seeds. You can buy seeds either in a specialized store, or by collecting them yourself from a plant. It is only important to choose the right pot and choose the right soil. First, as a container for planting, you can use boxes from cakes or ice cream, but then you have to re-transplant the material when the cactus grows. Growing cacti from seeds - the process is fairly easy, which does not require you to have additional knowledge and skills.

You can plant seeds in clay pots, butThen it will be necessary to remove excess plants from there if the shoots are productive. Soil should be purchased in a specialized store for cacti, but before planting the seeds, it must be disinfected. To do this, heat it to 80-100 degrees in the oven. This procedure is desirable to produce a week before the transplant.

In order to understand how to grow a cactus,It is necessary to imagine in what natural environment it grows and try to artificially recreate an analogous one. In winter, the temperature in the room should not fall below +15 degrees Celsius. They require a lot of light, so place them preferably in the sunniest rooms. Watering plants should be on certain days, 1-2 times a week with warm water. But in the summer, even if you see that the humidity is very low, you can not spray the barrel of cactus with water, since they need a large amount of air, preferably fresh. Therefore, the most favorable thing you can do for them is open the windows and ventilate the room.

When transplanting, it is advisable to take into account that the potit is necessary to select a little more than the one that was before. In general, pots should only fit in the roots of the plant, so they have the smallest cacti. This creates a stressful situation for them, and they begin to bloom immediately. Thus, the plants should not be encouraged by the extra volume of the pot.

Now you know how to grow a cactus properlyand make it beautiful and blooming. It is important only to comply with all these rules, and then the plant will please you with beautiful and fragrant flowers. Good luck in growing cactuses!

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