How to increase the performance of a video card?

Processing multiple images and texturesin movies, as well as games, the video card takes the brunt. It depends on it, the quality of the image and the number of FPS. Its performance is determined by the speed of the data bus, over which the transmission of video information passes, as well as the amount and frequency of video memory on the video card itself. Its performance is also affected by the number and frequency of pixel pipelines and texture units. Many users are wondering: how to improve the performance of a video card, without buying a new one?

Software usage rules

It's no secret that technological progress is constantlymoves forward, and the components of your PC wear over time. It would seem: yesterday we bought a video card, good and powerful, and already in a year it does not draw new toys and is not so powerful. If your video card does the same thing - do not worry. There is no need to change your video card every six months, because the old one can be "dispersed".

In order to increase productivityvideo card laptop, enough to comply with the rules of using the software. The video adapter and the running application interact with each other using drivers and the operating system. Therefore, a user who wants to understand how to improve the performance of a video card should use the most efficient video adapter driver of his PC to the maximum. To date, the most common video cards are such brands: AMD, NVidia, and Intel. On the websites of these developers, you can find and install the latest version of such drivers. To do this, you need to specify the operating system that you use and the name of the video card itself (Intel HD 3000, Radeon 5570, for example). Often, the new driver has various accelerating optimizations for modern operating applications, well, and of course, differs by the presence of new additional functions. Therefore, it is extremely desirable to use updated versions of drivers.

Apps for help

You can "outgrow" the video card with the help of applicationsATITool and RivaTuner. ATITool helps test the graphics card core and memory frequency, and Riva Tuner allows you to change these parameters frequently. We need to download and install these applications, and after that you will need to install a stable version of the driver of your video card (we download from the site of the manufacturer of our adapter).

After these settings, you need to restart yourcomputer and run Riva Tuner. Open the monitoring window and click the button near the punk, which shows the name of the video card, and then select the appropriate menu. Return to the main window of this application and click on the button near the driver name. Then select "System settings" and go to the "Overclocking" tab. Next, select "Enable acceleration at the driver level" and in the appeared window click "Definition".

Now you need to move the slider, which determinescore frequency, approximately 70 MHz to the right and press "OK". Launch the ATITool application and click on "Scan for Artifacts". If there is an inscription "No Errors for ...", then you can make the adjustment. You can try to slightly increase the frequency of our kernel with the same application. If an error occurs, return to the Riva Tuner window and reduce the specified frequency to a value that will not cause errors.

Next, you need to apply the optimal values. To do this, check the "Download settings from Windows" checkbox and click "OK". Now you know how to increase the performance of the NVidia or any other video card at your discretion.

Final touches

To complete the necessary settings, we go tothe control panel of our driver, click the right mouse button on the desktop and select the item we need. Next you need to select the menu "Setting 3D parameters" and in the window that appears, specify the desired application for customization. All necessary parameters are located in the item "Specify Settings". Before improving the performance of the video card, you need to reduce the current value of "Texture Filtering - Quality". If necessary, you can make some changes in the settings of your game in the corresponding section, often called "Graphics settings". With the mouse, you can reduce or change the set values.

As you can see, it is not necessary to buy a new onea video card to improve its performance. Undoubtedly, a new, more powerful model, surpasses the improved old one. Moreover, completely to reveal the newest graphic applications it is possible only with the help of new hardware components. However, not being able to purchase a new video card, you can easily "disperse" the old one and continue to enjoy its work.

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