How to install brushes in Photoshop?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
January 21, 2013
How to install brushes in Photoshop?

A brush in Photoshop is a tool that looks like blanks to create different images or parts of them, which is applied to the canvas with one mouse click. A brush can be any image (various points, geometric shapes, stripes, a favorite character, eyes, a frame or hair, a border, etc.). You can download ready-made brushes, and you can create your own from the desired image.

Install brushes in Photoshop

How to install brushes in Photoshop? From the moment of installation, Photoshop has standard brushes. However, they are very simple, although very necessary and important. So that the imagination could, as it should be played, consider the known methods of downloading and installing brushes:

  • Run Photoshop. Next, go to "Editing" - "Management of the sets." A window should pop up in which you need to select brushes and click on the “download”. Next you need to select the brush you want to download, select the file and click on "Download".It should be noted that the brushes can be stored anywhere: on a removable disk, on a computer, and so on, the main thing is to remember where they are located. Pay your attention: if you downloaded a file in RAR format - this means that the brushes are located in the archive. In order to "extract" them (unzip), you need to right-click on the archive and select "extract to the current folder."
  • Select the “Brush” tool in the running program, on the toolbar and click on “Tool Preset” - click on the triangle - in the drop-down tab, find “Download” and in the window that appears next to it, select the desired brush, select it and click “Download”.
  • Just drag a file with brushes on the workspace of the previously launched Photoshop. This should start the brushes in the list of saved and loaded.

So, how to add brushes to Photoshop, we figured out, but this work does not end there. After all, we can adjust the stiffness of the brush, the size and mode of its imposition on the image. And we can create a completely new brush.

How to create a new brush in Photoshop

Create a document where we draw something or open the finished image in Photoshop, but it should be noted that the background must have a white surface so that there is no extraneous noise.A white background will also help in creating an expressive brush pattern! You need to try at least once to understand everything exactly. Create a brush: "Editing" - "Determine the settings of the brush" - call the location of the created brush. As it turned out, adding brushes to Photoshop cs5 is not so hard. However, it is necessary, during the creation of the brush, carefully monitor the quality. After all, the whole image depends on it.

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