How to kill a man?

In the life of almost every person, a situation arose when he wanted to kill someone in a fit of revenge, anger, or simply annoyance. Naturally, not everyone will decide to go for such an act in reality, yielding to a minute desire. But in order to pacify one’s own anger, one can even dream up a topic about how to kill a person who sometimes or constantly just prevents them from living. Our article discusses the most well-known methods, intended more for reflection, not for implementation.


Almost all of us are perfectly aware of what can kill a person. Dozens of knife wounds all over the body, gunfire, a blow with a heavy object on the head, a portion of poison, and much more on the subject have all been seen in movies. Of course, some directors offer more sophisticated methods to future killers. Various means to turn off a person in order to dismember him, just to get rid of the body, forced starvation, cut veins in warm water and other similar horrors can take a person’s life not only on TV, but in reality.

Along with this, there are ways that act on a person to death, which many do not even realize:

  • half a liter of medical alcohol at one time;
  • a quarter of a kilogram of salt immediately;
  • 60 strong cigarettes without respite;
  • 50 grams of coffee per day;
  • 10 liters of drinking water per day;
  • 100 tablets of paracetamol per day;
  • 1000 x-ray procedures per day.

These funds can lead to death, however, they were created, apparently, for the most sophisticated murderers, since not everyone will give their victim a hundred cups of coffee a day. And, apparently, only a real maniac will come up with the idea of ​​killing a person with an x-ray machine.

You can read about how to plan a murder in our article How to kill a person.

Moral killing

People who are planning to kill are often wondering what is the best way to kill a person. It should be noted that moral killing is an excellent alternative to physical killing. In addition, it is unlikely that he will have to pay for long years in prison and strong remorse of conscience. But the person to whom you wish death will be punished according to merit.

There is another interesting plus in this strategy: if you kill a person physically, he will not be able to appreciate the deed after his death, while moral humiliation will be a real torture for the victim. Just to kill a person it is morally necessary to have an idea of ​​his weaknesses and fears.

Thus, it is possible to deeply insult a woman by emphasizing her external shortcomings. This may be overweight, small breasts, short legs, etc. Especially if you make such a gesture in public, then the girl may simply not be able to bear such a blow. Hints on bad reputation and everything in this spirit also have a good effect on the weaker sex in this regard. Such insults will eliminate the need to hire a killer or sit in prison.

As for the representatives of the strong half of humanity, sometimes it is possible to argue with the epithet “strong” if you know the weak points of a particular one. Often you can make fun of the unlucky man in matters of relationships with the opposite sex, his career failures or external shortcomings. If you know about any interesting details of his personal life or some information about childhood, then it will be morally easy to kill a man.

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