How to make a booth for a dog?

If you have a four-legged friend,you thought about how to make a booth for a dog. After all, for many dog ​​breeds, staying outdoors is vital. Yes, and the conditions in which you place the dog, have a huge impact on her health and performance. Before you start building, you need to choose the right location of the booth. The place should be light and necessarily dry. However, take care that there is a shadow nearby, in which the dog could hide from the scorching sun rays.

How to build a box for a dog

The classic version of the dog kennel is not thatother than a one-volume construction of a rectangular shape, which has a gable roof. Although you can do well and a flat saddle roof. A slope of the roof is best done a little so that your dog is comfortable lying or sitting on it.

In order to build a booth for a dog, you will need:

  • The bars are 50x50mm. or 40x40.
  • Boards of 20-25mm.
  • Nails.

The size of the booth, depending onthe size of your dog. Inside the booth, the dog should be able to easily turn around, sit and lie, stretching his paws. Before the start of work, precise calculations of the dimensions of the structure should be made. To do this, we measure the dog. The length of the animal from the nose to the end of the tail and will be the width of the structure, the height of the dog at the withers is + 10-15 cm. Height of booth. The height of the hole for entering the booth is equal to the height at the withers minus 10 cm, the width of the opening for the entrance is the width of the dog in the chest + 10 cm. The depth of the booth usually corresponds to the height.

How to build a box for a dog? The construction of the kennel begins with the knocking down of the frame. We use bars for this work. Do not forget that the floor of the structure should be raised 10-15 cm above the ground. This is necessary in order to prevent the rainwater from pouring in from inside, getting wet and, accordingly, decaying the wooden floor. Therefore, the construction must be put on low legs. After the frame is mounted, the flooring should be filled. For this, we take boards 25mm. In order to avoid the formation of cracks in which the claw of a dog can get stuck, the boards should be adjusted very tightly to each other. Next, it is necessary to cover the walls. You can do this in many ways:

  • Horizontally nailed boards to the frame so that the edge of each next board overlaps the edge of the previous one.
  • We nail the boards horizontally, leaving 10-20m intervals between them, which then should be covered with horizontal slats.
  • We nail boards in two layers vertically so that the outer layer of boards overlaps the gaps formed between the inner layer boards.

The roof in the kennel is made of two layers. On the removable frame or frame, fill the first layer of boards, leaving gaps of 50 mm. The top layer of boards overlap these gaps. The boards must be fastened along the roof slope. In order to maintain cleanliness in the booth, it is possible to make the roof removable or hinged (on hinges). The ready dog ​​kennel needs to be covered several times with linseed oil or painted with oil paint to your taste.

Winter booth for a dog

If you plan to leave your dog in the boothfor the winter, it is better to insulate it. You can even build a kennel with a tambour. A booth with a tambour represents two compartments, one of which is a vestibule, and the second is a sleeping place. The tambour protects your dog's housing from blowing wind and drafts. It is not necessary to insulate it. Sleeping place needs to be insulated. This can be done with a warm partition, which is set for winter time, and in summer they are cleaned. It is the partition and the booth is divided into two parts: a sleeping place and a tambour. And on the entrance hole you can hang some kind of curtains, which you can make from an old coat or cloth. Before you insulate the walls, you need to choose a heater. This can be polystyrene, mineral wool, or sawdust from wood. The frame of the kennel must be sewn on both sides (outside and inside) and a heater to be laid between them. To cover the walls from the inside can be ordinary plywood, and from the outside with any material, you can even a plastic lining. Just do not use metal. It is necessary to heat not only the walls, but also the roof of the structure. And on the floor, put a thick litter, an armful of hay or straw mat.

Dog house with canopy

How to make a booth for a dog? In order to protect the dog house from various precipitation, cold and wind, it is also possible to build a canopy over the booth.

As one of the canopy walls it is quite possibleuse any structure that is on your site. We fasten the support board outside and dig two posts opposite the wall a few meters away. Take the bars (which will form the basis for the future roof), the cross-section of which is not less than 30x120mm. and connect the board on the wall of the structure with poles. To strengthen the design of the pillars between each other you need to connect the bar. Warm boards need to cover the outer wall. The roof roof is made using the same materials, using a step of 30-40 mm. After that, the roof can be covered with any roofing material that you have in stock (ondulin, metal tile, profiled sheet). The design that turned out can be covered with stain or linseed oil to protect it from the effects of atmospheric precipitation. After that, place the booth under the canopy and ensure your dog has easy access to her dwelling.

What to look for

  • Do not install the booth in places where snow can fall on it or fall of ice from the roof of the house or other structures.
  • Do not allow puddles to form under the booth.
  • Keep track of the state of the wooden elements.
  • Remove snow from the roof if its layer exceeds 10 cm.
  • Once a quarter, inspect the condition of the roof, for loosening the fasteners.

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