How to make a dye in Minecraft?

If you learn how to make a dye in Minecraft, then the game will be much more interesting for you, especially since it provides primary, secondary and tertiary dyes. Many more color variations are used for dyeing armor than for dyeing wool.

Use of dyes

Wool dyeing is made in the area for crafting (this can be an inventory or a workbench), placing it along with the dye. Please note that in this case, it does not matter how the objects will be placed, but the primary wool before dyeing should have an exceptionally white color, regardless of what color it is intended to dye. Even if you want to use white dye, all the same, the wool should be white.

Before you make a dye in Minecraft, you must know all the properties of this element of the game, otherwise why get it and if you do not know how to properly dispose of it. So, with the help of dye, you can change the color of the wool on the sheep, but remember that doing this work requires you to be close to the animal. Otherwise, you waste the paint.

It is more profitable for the sheep to dye and then shear it than on the contrary, since the new wool on the sheep, which will appear after shearing, will grow already painted. Thus, it is possible to use a dye once to constantly get dyed wool. In addition, a lamb that is “born” from a dyed sheep will have the color of its fur. This method of destination dyes significantly accelerates the process of wool production.

Primary Color Recipes

For primary dyes, vegetation is used - rose, dandelion, cocoa fruit and cactus, which is the source if you want to get a green dye in Minecraft. To do this, it is necessary to burn the cactus using any type of fuel. The result of your work will be getting a color called "Cactus Green".

The tone called “Rose Color” is obtained by crafting a rose flower, which can be grown independently using bone meal, or collected in the world. In Minecraft rose is much less common than, say, dandelion. The rose in nature is found, both in a single form, and in a group. For one craft you can get two dyes.In the same way it turns out the color "Yellow Dandelion", the source for which is a dandelion.

In order to get the color "Ultramarine" is used lazurite ore, which can be mined. From a block of lazurite ore, having blue inclusions, receive from 4 to 8 units of dye. It remains to learn how to use the recipes of dyes of black, white and brown colors in Minecraft. So, the black color is obtained from the octopus, but it is not necessary to kill it - by striking the bottom of the octopus, you will receive at least one and a maximum of three portions of the black dye. Note that in nature there are sheep with black wool.

White and brown wool can be obtained from sheep, which are found in nature or obtained by killing skeletons and subsequent crafting of bones. In one procedure, three portions of the dye are obtained. Brown color is advisable to find in the treasure chests. If you are playing in version 12w18a, you can use cocoa beans that fall out of the foliage to get brown dye.

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