How to make a hidden folder?

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How to make a hidden folder?

In order to hide certain files on theyou need to create an invisible folder. In this article, we'll look at several options for how to make a hidden folder. We tried to tell you about this as much as possible in more detail and more accessible, so that the article was useful even for novice users.

How to hide a folder using standard Windows tools

So, create on the desktop (so often calleddesktop) a new folder. For example, by clicking on the PCM (right-click your mouse), select New in the new menu, and then click Folder. After creating a folder, you can rename it by assigning any name. Then click on the PCM on the new folder and select "Properties". After that, check in the box "Hidden", and click "Apply" and "OK" in order to close the window. Now your folder will become invisible. If this does not happen and the folder remains on the desktop, it means that on your PC someone has changed the display of hidden folders.

To remedy the situation, let's make the followingsimple manipulation. In an open folder (it does not matter which one), from the top in the menu we select "Tools", and then the "Folder Options" item. Then, in the opened window named "Folder Options", go to the "View" tab and select "Do not show hidden files and folders", then click "OK" and close the dialog box. Now the folder will be hidden on our desktop. To see it, it is necessary to do the actions in the reverse order, i.e. Check the box next to "Show hidden files and folders".

Replace icon and text

First, open or create a new folder. Clicking on it PKM, go to "Properties", and in the new window click on the "Settings" tab. We go there, and then look for and select the "Change icon" (usually it is located from the bottom). Next, look through the various icons until we find the icon with the image of an empty white square, and click "OK". Now, in the previously opened window, click "Apply" and "OK" to close it. After these actions, the folder icon disappears, and only the name remains. To hide it, let's rename the folder specialHidden folderway. Erase the name of the folder, press "Alt" and hold down this key, type 0160. Now release "Alt". Everything is ready: as a result of our manipulations, the folder has acquired a form already without a name.

On laptops, the actions are slightly different. Firstly, hold down the Alt key, press the Fn button, then type 0160 (successively M, J, O, M in the English layout). Thus, the folder becomes completely invisible, and you can learn about its location only by selecting the corresponding area with the left mouse button (LMB). If you are afraid to forget about it, we advise you to place it in some frequently visited place on your hard drive. Or, if you plan to hide it from prying eyes, hide it further into other folders.

How to hide a folder using special programs

There is an excellent program WinMend FolderHidden (for free use) to hide folders and files on your computer, very simple and easy to use. First, we create a password so that others can not view ourHidden folderhidden folders. To hide the folder in this program, you need to select the "Hide folder" button in the menu and specify in the opened window which folder to hide from prying eyes. A faster way to hide the folder is to just drag it, while holding the LMB, into the program window. So the folder with all the contents will become hidden.

There are other programs to hide folders: for example, Universal Shield 4.3, Folder Guard 8.1. These programs are conditionally free, however, just like WinMend Folder Hidden, they are easy to use and you will not find it difficult to master them using the above guide, because all these programs are very similar.

Useful tips and links

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Sometimes it is necessary to protectinformation contained in the folder. In this case it is required, for example, to create password protection. Put the password on the file archive is quite simple, but with a folder it's harder to do. However, our article on this topic will come to your aid. It's called How to put the password on the folder.

Well, if you suddenly can not find or open a hidden folder, read the article How to open a hidden folder.

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